Slots are fun and exciting, but can you develop a slots strategy? The answer is yes! The multitude of slot varieties and paytables can look confusing, so let’s break it down. Read the old-fashioned slots strategies and you will see one thing repeated over and over again: always play the maximum coins. However, this is not always the best strategy.

Playing maximum coins can be to your advantage sometimes. You should always play the maximum coins on progressive slots. If you play a progressive slot only one coin at a time, you have no chance at winning the machine’s jackpot and you are only increasing the pot for the next player.

A Buy-A-Pay Slot game or Hidden Buy-A-Pay Slot game must be played with maximum coins. A Buy-A-Pay Slot machine has a great potential for a winning jackpot, but you must play multiple coins. In these style slots, the first coin is to activate the BAR and the second activates the winning combinations. Every coin you play activates a different possible winning combination and you are at a great advantage when you play the maximum coins allowed. Think of it like this: in a Buy-A-Pay Slot game, every coin you play is like playing on a different machine.

A "Hidden" Buy-A-Pay Slot machine refers to a bonus that you have the potential to activate by playing more coins. Take a minute to read the paytable on the slot machine very closely. It should tell you if there is a possible bonus event. These are the two slots games you should definitely play with maximum coins.

What is your strategy to play the Multiline Slots? Are you surprised to hear that you should play only one coin on each line? Look closely at the paytable on the Multiline Slot. Does it look complicated? Don’t let it confuse you; it is most always a Straight Multiplier. This means that your payout is the number of coins you played multiplied by the line. There is no advantage for you to play multiple coins. However, sometimes these Multiline machines have bonus features like the bonus or Buy-A-Pay feature (for which the extra coins are required).

Straight Multipliers and Bonus Multipliers should always be played one coin at a time. You gain nothing by playing more coins in the Straight Multipliers. Without a bonus feature to activate, keep the Straight Multiplier Slots one coin at a time. The Bonus Multipliers are a bit trickier. There is quite a debate among many players that you should play maximum coins on this slot machine. However, the chances of you hitting the bonus on top of your win are so slim as to make the risk a bad odd for you. It is best to keep to one coin at a time on the Multiplier Slots.

These strategies are not the run-of-the mill tips you hear from casino advertisements. These are based on the best odds mathematically. So the next time that you hear the old adage to "always bet maximum coins", think again.