Most Popular Slots

Examples of Games that Made Raves on the Internet

It is quite hard to gauge the real meaning of the word "popular". You would not actually know the criteria that comprise this term. When speaking of most popular slots, you may base it on the number of people who become engrossed on the game. Take note that the popularity of the slots is concentrated not only in one country but worldwide. There are different online casinos offering slot machine games. With this fact alone, it is difficult for one game to gain popularity. Apart from the number of hits and page views, the most popular slots may be picked by users according to its simplicity, how low the maximum bet is and how high the jackpot is. Additionally, you may look into the bonus features of the game. Take time out to see some of online gamers' choices when it comes to popular slots.

Most Popular Slots # 1- As the Reel Turns Slots

There are three versions to this popular slot machine game. As the Reel Turns 1 and 2 have 5 reels, 15 paylines and 32 winning combinations. As the Reel Turns 3 is different from the first two since it only has 12 winning combinations. There are only slight variations to this game. It is seen through the symbols on the reels as well as on the bonus features. Maximum bets are placed at $75 while the jackpot prize is 1,000 coins. There is also a secondary jackpot of 300 coins. These slots are indeed popular because if they are not then there should have been no second and third versions.

Most Popular Slots # 2 – Cosmic Quest Slots

Just like the As the Reel Turns Slots, Cosmic Quest Slots has variations. There is an episode 1 and 2 to this game. Both are 5-reel games with 20 paylines and 32 winning combinations. The variation is seen in the symbols or characters on the reels. Bonus features on the two versions are discussed as follows:

  1. Episode 1 bonus features. Episode 1 activates a bonus for the second screen when at least three female astronauts are hit. The bonus feature on the reels is activated by three to five hits of the space monkey symbol. This one entitles you to 10 free spins that will give you five times the amount you win for the bonus round.
  2. Episode 2 bonus features. Episode 2 on the other hand, has a bonus feature that will lead you to the Rocket Racer game. This one is activated by hitting three astronauts. Bonus feature on the reels – a second bonus feature – is activated through hitting at least three jetpack symbols. This entitles you to 50 free spins that will double your winnings for the bonus round.

Most Popular Slots # 3 – Hole in Won Slots

This game has the golf theme and is a 5-reel, 15-payline game. You get to have 27 winning combinations through this slot machine game. The symbols on the reels include the caddy, umbrella, number 1, golf ball, golf cart, golf shoes, golf clubs, Hole in Won logo and the Golfer Yelling Fore. You have the eagle as the wild symbol and the bonus birdie as the scatter symbol. Here are other things to anticipate with this game.

  1. Bets and winnings. With 75 coins for one turn, your bet may go as high as $18.75. You only have four coin size choices with $.25 as the largest denomination. The jackpot prize is set at 750 coins with a secondary jackpot of 500 coins.
  2. Bonus Features. There is a bonus game played on the second screen as you hit at least three birdies. With a multi-level pick a box scheme, you may advance to the next round once you pick the correct box.

There are yet other most popular slots to consider. You may look into video slots, I-slots and micro gaming slots. All these were made for your online gaming pleasures. Get to experience the ones that will suit your game requirements.

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