There are many types of slot machine configurations but all work according to the same principles – put the money in the slots and pull the handle!


There are basically two types of slot machines. The first type,

Straight Slots

Pays winning combinations according to the schedule listed on the machine itself. For example, one cherry may pay two coins for each one put in, two cherries may pay five coins and three cherries 10 coins. Depends on the payout schedules, there are four kinds of Straight Slots

The Multiplier

The number of coins played multiplies the payout. If the machine pays five coins for three cherries when you play one coin, it should pay ten for the second coin played, and fifteen for the third. – You do not take advantage for playing maximum coins.

The Bonus Multiplier

The machine goes about its business exactly as the multiplier, except it offers a bonus when you play maximum coins. This means when playing the extra coins will more than double your winnings on a two-coin machine, or more than triple your winnings on a three-coin machine. For example, it three bars pay you hundred for one coin, two hundred for two coins, and five hundred for three coins played. – Read the machine before playing.

Multiple Payline Slot

The number of lines the machine will pay on depends on the amount of coins deposited. One coin only may pay the middle line, if you hit a winning combination on a line that has not been activated, you win nothing. A second coin will pay the top line as well, a third coin – then the bottom line, so now any of the three horizontals will pay should a paying combination be hit, a fourth, the diagonal and a fifth, the other diagonal. Read the machine, find out how many lines to play, pay, and win. Anywhere from three, five and into the twenties.

Buy-a-Pay Slot

These machines are a lot like a legal brief: You’d better push the help button on these machines and read all the information available. These machines want you to know that each coin played to get in on the biggest jackpot. For example, you can collect the winning by playing one or two coins – small amounts. If you hit the jackpot playing one of these machines with only one or two coins, you don’t win a thing. Play these machines only with maximum coins. Again, read the slot machine, all of it.

Progressive Slots

The second type of machines is called Progressive Slots. The slots keeps increasing each time a coin is played. When the jackpot finally hits, the amount goes back to the starting number.

These Slots too have a standard set of payoffs listed on the machine itself, but in addition, and what sometimes makes for some exciting play, is the big jackpot which progressively gets larger and larger, as every coin is put in. the jackpot total is posted above the machine and can grow to enormous sums of money.


More winning rows does not necessarily equate to better odds of winning, this just means more coins per play and therefore more possibilities of a payoff if each coin gives you another bar or direction it pays. The odds are built into the machine and no amount of lines played will change them.