T-Rex Slots

Understanding the Thrills of This Slot Machine Game

T-Rex Slots are themed slots coming from the real series of casinos that has been powered by RTG. With the name of the game itself, you will conclude that this one is made of reels with the tyrannosaurus X or T-Rex in it. However, much more than the inclusion of the king of all dinosaurs, other species of the said prehistoric animals are also found in the slots.

The T-Rex slot is a 5-reel game with 25 paylines. Additionally, you get to enjoy the game more through the aid of the 10 free spins provided in your game's duration. This comprises of a coin per line thus giving you 25 coins as your maximum bet. The coin sizes are available in $.01, $.02, $.05, $.1, $.25, $.5, $1 and $5. This means that your maximum bet ranges from as low as $.25 to $125.

Symbols to take note of in T-Rex slots

Just like any other slot machine games, T-Rex slots have been conceptualized to give you a better playing option. Each character or symbol in the play area is your license to understand the trick of the game. The special symbols in the slot machine are:

  1. T-Rex symbol. This is considered as the wild symbol of the game. If you happen to hit the T-Rex in the 5-reel combination, it can substitute any of the other symbols on the reels to give you a winning combination. It is also regarded as a multiplier. This means that if the winning combination includes a T-Rex in it, your winnings will be multiplied by 2.

  2. Egg symbol. This is the scattered symbol of the game. If the egg appears in the allowed line, you will not win anything. The eggs are distributed or scattered accordingly on the reels.

  3. Other Symbols. Aside from the T-Rex symbol and the egg, you will see other characters from this prehistoric reptile-themed slot. Included in the list are: triceratops; stegosaurus; volcano; edmontonia; prehistoric plant; and cards of high characters.

Bonus features and getting the jackpot

Your maximum jackpot is 10,000 coins. Check the possibilities of winning combinations through the pay table. Remember that all your winnings are in coins. These coins are converted as credits by multiplying the coin size with the number of coins collected.

As an additional feature to make your T-Rex slot playtime even more enjoyable, you are given bonus features by the game. There are ten free spins appearing on the spinning reel. Earning a free spin will only be possible if you hit three or more of the scattered eggs on the reels.

Other play features in a T-Rex slot

If you think you will enjoy the T-Rex slot machines with the aforementioned techniques, there are yet other features in the game that will make your online gaming even more pleasurable. A few more tricks to take note of are:

  1. There are other ways to hit the 10,000-coin maximum jackpot. First, you should target the 5000 coins with five yellow dinosaurs, five orange dinosaurs or five scattered eggs. These winning combinations should have a T-Rex symbol to double up your winnings. When that happens, then you will hit the 10,000-coin maximum jackpot.

  2. Aside from getting the bonus feature of 10 free spins from three eggs, you also get to enjoy extra bonus with the scattered symbols. First, if you get four scattered eggs, you are entitled to win ten times the amount of your bet. If you get five scattered eggs, you get 200 times of the bet you have placed.

  3. There are varied techniques to increase your winnings. You may increase your winnings even after you have hit the 10,000-coin jackpot. If the T-Rex appears on the third reel, it has the capacity to eat up all other dinosaurs found on the screen. This will result to more chances of winning.

  4. Random jackpot is also available. Additionally, you may look through the jackpot ticker to see the current value to be paid-up for jackpot. The random jackpot ticker allows you to enjoy a jackpot without any winning combination. Random as it is, you may get the jackpot after any of your spins have been paid.

There is really much to enjoy with T-Rex slots. You get to increase your winnings in a number of ways while enjoying the free spins available to you. Experience the game and you will see its real difference over other themed slots.

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