3 Reel Wheel of Chance Slots

Vegas Technology’s 3 Reel Wheel of Chance Slots, like most slot games, comes with a bonus game. It looks very much like a live classic slot machine, and has 3 reels and a single pay line to try your luck at.

Its bonus game gives a nice twist while its exciting graphics offer symbols like cherries, chocolate bars and number 7s which make winning here easy.

Besides these symbols, there is the power icon, the big sparkling diamond that helps you win large amounts of money easily on the game. This is the jackpot symbol that wins you 2400 coins if you bet 3 coins for the spin and manage to get three diamond symbols in a row.

The win of 2400 coins thus offers you a maximum jackpot value of $24,000.00. In addition to this, there is also a mid level jackpot you can try to win, valued at 1600 coins.

The wild symbol

Besides acting as the jackpot symbol, the diamond is also the wild symbol here, which can be used to substitute other symbols to create a winning combination.

The diamond is the multiplier symbol here where a single diamond doubles all winning combinations it completes while two diamonds quadruples a win. There are however no scatter symbols found on 3 reel wheel of chance slots.

The 3 Reel Wheel of Chance Slots game offers a fun and easy to play bonus game. It is triggered by placing a maximum bet of three coins, and by getting a bonus symbol on the pay line.

The bonus game is played like roulette, where the bonus wheel appears with its attached prize. You have to spin the wheel, and it is based on which prize the arrow points to which your prize is determined.

Additions made to the wheel

You can opt to collect your winnings after all your spins or to gamble the winnings by taking another spin. However before you make your decision, you have to know that with every spin, the wheel gets an additional four bust segments.

This in turn minimizes the chances of winning while you spin the wheel. It is because of this bonus game that this is often related to the Wheel of Fortune game found in Las Vegas casinos.

The coin ranges offered on the 3 Reel Wheel of Chance Slots range from $0.10 to $10. However unlike most slots game, there are no free spins offered here. The odds of your winning here is increased if you bet a maximum of three coins on the game.

The specialty of 3 Reel Wheel of Chance Slots is that this is an easy to understand game, where even first time slot players find no difficulty in understanding and playing it.

As long as you know the different implications of the symbols of the game, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying a game of slots on 3 reel wheel of chance slots.

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