Safari Slots

As the name suggests, the Safari Slots is a video slot game based on a safari theme. The game consists of 5 reels with 20 pay lines that offer 39 winning combinations. The software of this game comes from Vegas Technology and was launched on 14 December 2007. This makes it one of the latest slots games available.

Safari Slots is basically about a safari trip into the depths of the African jungles. Correspondingly, the symbols used in the game reflect a wild safari, and takes you through your wild jungle journey.

Realistic graphics

Graphics of Safari Slots are well visualized to make the game look really realistic. To add more thrill and excitement to the game, and to make you feel you are actually on a safari ride, there are sounds of animals in its background. Even the buttons are made of rocks, to help support the safari theme so well.

While playing Safari Slots, you not only enjoy a great safari ride, you are also offered a chance to win a huge, $100,000 jackpot. In addition to this, there are many free spins and bonus games to help you earn more while playing Safari Slots.

The wild symbol

The wild symbol of Safari Slots is the safari jeep. It can be used to substitute other symbols, so as to create a winning combination if required. However, it cannot be used to substitute the scatter or bonus symbols.

The scatter symbol is the ranger symbol. If you end up with two or more scatter symbols on any pay line, it helps complete the winning combination. If there are three or more scatter symbols on reels on any position, you will be awarded the Safari pre-feature that consists of 15 free spins.

Safari pre-feature

In the Safari pre-feature, scatters replace all normal symbols in the reels. Reels here start from an extended spin, where you can stop the reel anytime you want by pressing the ‘Stop the Reels’ button. This button is found at the bottom of the reels, and should be done within 20 seconds.

When the reels stop, you have to get scatter symbols on at least reels 1-3 to continue. If this does not occur, the feature stops and you go back to playing your normal Safari Slots game. However, if you do get scatters on reels 1-3, you are awarded free spins.

Completion of the free spins lead to the automatic start of the Safari Pre-Feature, where you can once again try and stop reels to win free spins or end up returning to the normal Safari Slots game. All wins in the free spins are doubled, except during the bonus game.

Bonus symbol and game

The bonus symbol in Safari Slots is the camera symbol. When three or more of these symbols appear consecutively in the second, third and fourth reels of an enabled pay line, the bonus round gets triggered.

In a bonus game, you have to select a location from eight given locations. With your choice, an animal or paw print is displayed. An animal symbol spells success, where you will win an additional prize and can move on to the next level. However if you get a paw print, it proves you were unsuccessful and will be asked to return to the main reels.

As a whole, you get to select four locations, where prizes get larger with each location, as long as you don’t come across a paw print. Of these four locations, three have to be selected in the first level during daylight, and the fourth one has to be chosen in the next level, at night. The money you earn on these locations is added and paid to you.

The coin denominations used to play in Safari Slots range from a cent to ten dollars. To win as much as possible while playing Safari Slots, you have to play the maximum number of coins. However if you can’t actually bet huge bets per spin, it is suggested for you to play maximum spins using coins of a lower denomination.

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