Grand Slam of Slots

Join the Tournament and Get Richer

Online slots can be played for mere fun while others choose to play it for the money attached to it. If you are one among the crowd playing online slot machine games for money, you may want to try your luck through the Grand Slam of Slots. This one can make you far richer than you have imagined.

You may want to know what's behind such an online slot casino game that makes it distinct from others. Find out that and more through this page. See why joining the tournament will add more to your money-making opportunities. Once you see the reasons behind it, you will be able to enjoy the game all the more.

What makes Grand Slam of Slots distinct from other online slot casino games?

Grand Slam of Slots promises that you are given the chance to be one of the first millionaires through online slot machine games. Find out the reason behind its distinction from other themed slots:

  1. It is a tournament. Most online slots give you the chance to enjoy your winnings on your own. This means that you play alone, without other people taking away your chances of winning. Well, Grand Slam of Slots is different in that it is more competitive. There are 9,500 spots opened for different players. With this number, competition will even be tougher.

  2. The competition runs for a number of days. Notice that regular online slots may only take you around an hour to get the winnings that you want. Since Grand Slam of Slots is no ordinary game, expect that the tournament lasts for a longer time. You are given nine days of competition for each tournament.

  3. You win real money and get richer if you land on the top spot. Once you get to the list of 9,500 open spots, you already have the privilege of winning in this online slot. The winning is set at €1,000,000. If you are lucky enough, you may be one of the 482 possible winners for the game entitled to cash prizes.

How will you qualify for the Grand Slam of Slots?

Qualifying for the Grand Slam of Slots is more than just registering for the game proper. You should download the software first then read all the rules behind the tournament. After going through the rules, you may now join the league of individuals who are setting their eyes on winning the pot.

Joining gives you a chance to be one among the more than 9,000 individuals who are playing the online game. After joining, play at least 9,000 coins for around 10 minutes. Re-buy and continue your game after that. Remember that every 4,500 coins you play have a corresponding price of €20. From there, you will be able to determine if you qualify for the tournament. If you are given the chance to qualify up to the top 2 spots, then you are definitely heading for the €1,000,000 prize.

Get to know more about Grand Slam of Slots and see the chances you have to win the first prize of €1,000,000. If in case you will not win the top spot, you have the chance to qualify for the second or third prizes equivalent to €50,000 and €25,000 respectively. To reiterate, you have the privilege to enjoy prizes if you are one in the list of 482 lucky individuals.

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