Right Prize Slots

Enjoying a Slot Machine Game Patterned From a TV Show

If you are familiar with the television game show entitled "The Price is Right", it would somehow be very easy for you to follow the concept of the Right Prize slots. Some of the rules are varied though plus there are several tips on how the game should be played. This will allow you to understand more about how the online game differs with the TV show.

The Right Prize slots were released online in October of 2008. Since then, more online gamers found a new entertaining slot machine to play with. The game has five reels with 25 paylines. Hitting the Right Prize symbol allows you to get a wild symbol. This means that you have the opportunity to substitute it for other symbols just to complete the winning combination.

Starting with the Right Prize slots

There are actually two options for you to enjoy the Right Prize slot. First is through logging to your online casino account with the downloadable software for the game. Another is through the flash browser version of this slot machine game. From there, you may proceed to the following things on starting with the Right Prize.

  1. Look for the Right Prize symbol through your online Casino account (or as reflected in the flash browser version) and enjoy playing the game.

  2. On the slot machine interface, you may now choose the amount of betting areas to utilize for your game. The betting areas are the paylines. Your choice of coin denominations should depend on how much you are willing to lose for the entire game.

  3. Familiarize yourself with the prizes provided on the pay table of the Right Prize. This will be your guide in knowing what you will win during the game. The cash value of your winnings is calculated by multiplying the coin denominations to the cash value presented on the table. So, if you bet $5 and the cash value is 10, then your total winnings would be $50.

Bonus features to understand in the Right Prize slots

There are several bonus features associated with the Right Prize slots. These are divided into four sections namely:

  1. The right prize bonus feature. Since the game is called the Right Prize, it pays to have the "right prize" bonus feature. You should select on the game slots to claim the bonus prize.

  2. The spin to win bonus feature. This is your opportunity to spin the reel to win a prize. You are given three times for spinning and your winnings will be equivalent to the number that resulted through the spin multiplied by the amount you used for the betting process.

  3. The chip chop bonus feature. For the chip chop bonus, there are three curtains to select from. Once you choose the curtain, it will open to reveal your prize.

  4. The pick a prize bonus feature. Picking a prize from this bonus feature of the game is easy. Select from a set of bonus items on the screen then the cash prize will be revealed.

More things to learn from when playing the Right Prize slots

Aside from how to start with the game and the bonus features included, there are yet other things to take note of when it comes to playing the Right Prize slots. Here are some of them.

  1. Coin denominations. These are available in eight coin sizes starting from as low as $.01, $.05, $.1 and $.25 to as high as $.5, $1, $5 and $10. Maximum number of coins to be used in a single bet is 25.

  2. Jackpot. The first price jackpot for the Right Prize slot is 10,000 coins while the second prize jackpot is set at 2,000 coins.

  3. Symbols. As mentioned awhile back, there is a wild symbol as reflected in the Right Prize logo. Additionally, the door and spinning wheel represents the scattered symbol. Other symbols to take note of when playing the game are: Crowd; Happy MC; New Car; Wheel; Cruise; Name and Turbo Wax.

  4. One more bonus game. Aside from the four bonus features, there is a bonus game featured in this slot machine. These are the 10 free spins you get on the reels.

It is really a lot of fun playing the Right Prize slots. Just remember that you are allowed only $250 as a maximum bet for a game. Your winnings are credited to your account and may be used in succeeding games.

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