Like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so your loose slot waits for you. How can you know where to look for this slots jackpot of gold and is it all a myth? Let’s explore the myths to find the nugget of truth underneath it all.

Loose slot machines are placed on the casino aisle. Back in the day, the slots were in plain view of the tourists walking around outside the Las Vegas and Atlantic City strips. Now casinos are gigantic superstructures and it doesn’t seem likely that this old myth is true.

Loose machines are situated next to the tight ones. Watch serious slots players go and they can play as many machines as their arms can reach at once. This belief arose from the thought that casino bosses would spread out the loose machines so the long arm slots regulars would only have one hand in the jackpot and their other machine pay for their winnings.

Tight machines are near the buffet and casino tables. The belief that the tight machines are near the buffet is so that people waiting in line can drop a few coins in the machine while they wait. It will take your money, but is stingy about paying out. Also, casino table players don’t want to hear the noise of slots winners so the belief is that the casino places tight slots near the tables.

The basic gist of all the myths come from the basis that if potential slot players can see you win, then it is a good spot for the casino to place their loose machines. Good energy and positive winners are the best advertisement the casino can get. Instead of looking for that lucky loose slot, read the paytables and know your slot games. Being a smart player could mean the difference between a tight and loose machine.

The best advice on finding a loose machine is to think like the boss. You know that the boss has heard all the myths about finding that one lucky loose machine. In the end, you could play your whole life and still never find that lucky loose slot machine. Looks like it just might be that magical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.