Slots are fun, easy and can pay big money. What’s better than playing slots? Playing in a slots tournament! Visit your favorite casino or online to check out the tournament schedules. Casinos offer slots tournaments daily, weekly and monthly with a wide range of payouts.

Entering a slots tournament is easy. Online casinos require you to download the free software, register and deposit money. There is an entry fee for the slots tournament which can range from a few dollars to a couple hundred dollars. Prizes in the slots tournament could be big money jackpots or casino credits. Just look up the schedules online for these details.

Slots tournaments started in the land-based casinos and are great fun to play even if you don’t win. Casinos have promoted them as a fun event and benefit for their slot card members. Your casino may offer its slot card members free nights in their hotels, and free food. The land based casinos will set aside machines for the tournament that are programmed with more probability to win and give you more credits to play. As the session starts, players play fast to use up all the credits and rack up the most points.

The online slots tournament will be scheduled for a number of hours or days. The online tournaments are different than the land based style. Read closely to understand the specific tournament style you want to enter online. Generally, players all play the same slot game over a period of days and the winner is the player with the most points at the end of that time.

Look for great promotions when you join new online casinos as they offer big sign-up bonuses for new members. You can use the money the casino gives you towards entry fees into slots tournaments. Tournaments are a great way to mingle in the slots community. Meet people and feel the competitive energy that is not usually present in the solitary life of the slot player.