Of the many different types of slot machines available, adventure slots is a popular version. These games obviously work based on an adventure theme and is meant for those who love adding a bit of adventure to their normal game of slots. One of these adventure slots game is Outa Space adventure, which is a […]

Knowing Asian Slots Better Slot machines are indeed the best ways to gamble online. They provide incredible payout rates plus they give you a greater chance of hitting the jackpot. Although there are no strategies that can help guarantee great winnings, slot machines are often so easy to play with that you can be assured […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Cash Slots Cash slots include a cabinet full of money. Players would spin the reels and observe them as they play. Symbols or icons would emerge from the screens and would reveal your winnings. For every type of slot, there is a jackpot prize intended for the lucky winner. Bonus prizes […]

Online Games to Celebrate Certain Occasions The world of themed slots will not be complete unless you get to play the best Holiday Slots in town. From Halloween to Christmas and from New Year to Valentine's Day, there is an online slot machine you will enjoy. All of these provide you with extreme fun plus […]

All Diamond Slots 101 Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend. They are a man’s too – if you’re playing the All Diamond Slots. Like many other slot machines, this game offers you a chance to win big cash prizes. Things to Consider There are some factors to consider when playing in All Diamond […]

Cruises have always been associated with fun, pleasure, excitement and relaxation. Keeping this in mind you now have a variety of Cruise slots games with Cruise themes to try your luck at. One of these Cruise slots games is the Royal Caribbean slots which has 3 reels and one pay line. Symbols used here are […]

Most people are afraid of doctors for the injections and sometimes medication they prescribe. However to get rid of this fear of doctors, there are now many Doctor Slots meant for enjoyment. These Doctor Slots games come with a hospital theme with hilarious and fun to play symbols. One such game is called Sneak a […]

Whatever your budget may be, there are slot machines to suit your pocket. You can find the most expensive to the least expensive variants of slots machines for you to try your luck at. One very popular form of slots is the dollar slots, that offers a high payout. Once again, there are various types […]

Fictional characters that everyone loves are usually found in books and movies. However to add more entertainment with these fictional characters, there are now various types of Fictional Characters Slots found online. One such Fictional Characters Slots is Aladdin’s Wishes slots. This is a 5 reel, 20 pay line slots game that offers a jackpot […]

Food Slots is a slots game found in many online casinos. This is the favored option of people who love culinary entertainment, and are always thinking of food! There are various types of Food Slots available, and here are a few of them. Food Fight Slots Food Fight Slots is a great slots game from […]

To make a game of slots more interesting, there are various types of slots games based on different themes. One of the more nutritious themes used in slots machines are the Fruit Slots. At present, there are more than 10 types of Fruit Slots available in online casinos that range from 3 to 5 reels […]

If the Vikings have always fascinated you, you now have the chance of creating storms like the ones the Norse god Thor created by playing Viking slots. Viking slots are basically slots games, created based on the Viking theme. There are various types of Viking slots around today; it is up to you to choose […]

A treasure is something everyone loves finding, and winning. So in a bid to bring all the mystery and intrigue associated with finding lost treasures, there are quite a few Treasure Slots you can play. The theme of these slots is obviously, to find a treasure. In case of sunken treasure slots, you get to […]

Three Sample Games to Increase Your Winnings With the different bonus features and jackpots given in each online slot game that you have known of, you may safely say that all of them are Jackpot Slots. Well, that is indeed a good definition of this online slot game. No matter how big or how small […]

 Wild Characters for an Enjoyable Game Lions, tigers and bears…what do these three animals have in common? Well, they are all found in the wild forests giving you a safari adventure or a typical South African feel. You have different themed slots for these three creatures. The games are called Lions and Tigers and Bears […]

Luck and Fun All Rolled Into One One of your ultimate aims while playing through online slots is to win the game and add more money to your bank account. Additionally, you also want the actual fun that goes with the entire game. It would be very easy to have both especially if you consider […]

It was after the success of the Disney movie ‘Little Mermaid’ that the popularity of Mermaid Slots increased. There is no need of your knowing swimming or enter the waters to play a mermaid game. All you need is a computer, some money and a Mermaid Slots game to try your luck at slots with […]

Travel bugs love Travel Slots where you can visit exotic places like Africa, India and Egypt while sitting at home or at the office. All you need is a PC or laptop, and one of the many travel themed Travel Slots games. One such Travel Slots game is the Last King of Egypt slots with […]

Swim and Win a Jackpot! There are different kinds of underwater slots game. It ranges from mermaid to fishes. This kind of game is suited for those underwater enthusiasts who love water, diving and seeing different kinds of fishes. Let’s take a look the different underwater slots game that is available in your favorite casinos. […]

There are three popular types of Who Done It slots that have a strong resemblance to the all time favorite Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson movies. 1. Cinerama slots Cinerama is one of these Who Done It slots that is a 5-reel, 5-pay line progressive slot game by Playtech. The maximum bet you can place […]

The Wild West slots is a classic western themed slots game created by Net Entertainment. It needs no download and has 5 reels and 9 pay lines that help you form 24 winning combinations. The minimum wager in Wild West slots is one coin on a pay line while the maximum wager is 10 coins […]

Three of the Themed Slots You Will Enjoy One famous themed slot that is growing popularly to a lot of online gamers is the Stunt Master Slots. These ones gained inspiration from TV series where stuntmen and stuntwomen are needed. These action heroes replace the actors and actresses especially in dangerous scenes. Stunt Master Slots […]

Various Slot Machines for Sport Lovers You may be a sports buff spending some of your free time through your favorite sports. If the weather is not good enough, you have the choice to enjoy your game through Sport Slots. Just have your computers ready and download a series of games made for sports enthusiasts […]

An Introduction to Salsa Slots To make the game more interesting, there are now many versions of slots available to the slots enthusiast. And one such slots game worth playing is Salsa Slots from WagerLogic. This is new, simple, easy to play 5 reels, 25 pay line slot game that comes with a Mexican theme. […]

Who Says a Creepy Theme Can't Be Enjoyable? In the world of various theme slots, you will find a wide array of variations. In fact, you may also get some of the creepiest creatures included on your playing reels. One of the games to watch out for in this category is the Monster Money Slots. […]