Sumo Slots

Play Big Like These Famous Japanese Warriors

Sumo wrestling is a popular sports game played in Japan. Now, it comes to your computers giving you an online casino game that you will love. This is called Sumo Slots, a slot machine game that is filled with this part of Japanese culture. Making the entire look of the machine more attractive are different Japanese graphics with sound effects embracing the old styles of the country.

Sumo Slots was released in December 2007 by Vegas Technology. This is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot machine that features the traditional Japanese Sumo Wrestler fighting for his Sumo Trophy. You will also see this "sumo wrestling match" accompanied by the referee of the game and the Sumo's very beautiful partner – the Geisha. These characters definitely make Sumo Slots an attractive game for people playing slot machines.

Strategies for Sumo Slots

Just like any other themed slots with different characters, you are not required to be a Sumo wrestler enthusiast to be able to learn about the basic strategies of the game. Here's what you actually need to do before you attack this slot machine:

  • Familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Get a feel of how the reel looks like and check on how the different symbols on the reel will make you win big prizes for your Sumo Slots game. Accompanying the Sumo Wrestler Geisha and Sumo Trophies on the reels are other characters like the Ten, Nine, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

  • Know the game you want to play. If it is your first time to be taken to this kind of slot machine adventure, it is also a basic strategy to look into how much you are willing to bet on the game. You are given different coin sizes – ranging from $.01, $.05 and $.25 to $.50, $1.00 and $5.00.

  • Device your game strategy according to your finances. Additionally, you also need to choose how many paylines you will use for you game. Depending on your financial level, you may device a strategy that will fit your financial status. Once you get your feel of the game, it will be easier to increase your bet that will certainly work for your own favor. Adjust your coins size and reach the maximum amount for your paylines.

Understanding possible winning combinations on Sumo Slots

You have familiarized yourself with the reel. Well, it is also best to understand how you will be able to win your Sumo Slots. In this regard, you need to look into winning combinations on the reels.

  1. Five Geishas makes you win 1,000 coins. Maximum jackpot prize is 5,000 coins.

  2. Your wild symbol is the Sumo while your scatter symbol is the trophy. The Sumo may then substitute any of the characters – except the Trophy – to put up a winning combination for you.

  3. If you get three Trophies or scatter symbols, you will have a chance to go to the Bonus Round. Going to the Bonus Round, means that you are one of the kings of "Sumo Wrestling". This Round allows you to choose nine trophies with corresponding cash values that you may add up to your total winnings.

Playing Sumo Slots is really fun even if you are not used to seeing the actual Japanese game. You get to enjoy and understand the game through the strategies and winning combinations. As you progress through the game, everything else will be simpler to understand. Some of the venues to play Sumo Slots are Golden Casino, English Harbour Pound Casino and Online Vegas.

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