ePassporte – Your Passport to Enjoy Online Casino Games

ePassporte was actually a concept created by E-commerce gurus. It was made to serve as your partner if you want to make sure that you can gamble securely even with online gaming venues. This payment method is made available for non-US residents.

Some of the online casino venues making use of ePassporte are Casino Tropez, Joyland Casino, Club Dice Casino, Casino Las Vegas, Prestige Casino, 50 Stars Casino, Swiss Casino and Monaco Gold Casino. Take note the venue will accept payments only if you are not a resident of the US.

ePassporte Games to Enjoy

ePassporte games include a variety of options. You have poker games like those that can be downloaded from UB Poker and Absolute Poker. Aside from poker games, UB Poker also includes Blackjack Games as well as elimination tournaments. There are also bingo games that can be played via ePassporte.

Other Perks to Enjoy with ePassporte

There is such a thing as a Mobile Money Manager from ePassporte. This one is a java-enabled phone application that allows you to manage your funds with the company anytime anywhere. Meaning, you can send and receive money using your phones wherever you are.

ePassporte is also well-loved by consumers because of its low-cost service processing payments. Add to that, you can access its Customer Service Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your options include email, phone and fax.

Opening an ePassporte Account

There are actually two types of account offered by the venue. The first one is a personal account – the one you can use to play through online casinos. Apart from that, you can also use your personal account to send money to another ePassporte account holder. Furthermore, this can be used for online shopping.

The second account type is called the business account. This provides the same perks as that of a personal account. The only difference is you can use it also for US check and credit card processing.

How do you open any of these accounts with ePassporte? You simply have to fill up the form from the site. Once you have opened the account, then you will be given a virtual wallet. You can use the wallet for any of your transactions – whether you want to transfer funds or you want another person to send money to your ePassporte account.

How to use ePassporte Accounts for Online Casino Gaming

An ePassporte account entitles you to enjoy your most favorite online casino games with a nominal fee of $.25 for each text message you send. The minimal charge will make sure that your funds are transferred according to your specifications. Once you have transferred the required funds into your respective casino accounts, you can play conveniently. You can also be sure that you can have fun and win – the real reasons behind why you continue to play in online casino venues.

ePassporte may have limited its transactions to some online casino venues. Just the same, you can still enjoy all the perks promised by this site in some other casinos. With this, it remains to be your passport to enjoy casino games.