Silver Dollar Casino Slots

Games Adapting Wild West Themes – This Casino is Closed!

Themed slots are considered very popular to a lot of online gamers. Adding to your usual fun on slot machines, are Silver Dollar Casino Slots that will make your playing pleasures all worth it. There are games that are made for fun while there are also those made for monetary reasons. You also get to enjoy tournaments out of being a member of Silver Dollar Casino Slots.

Silver Dollar Casino Slots adapt the Wild West Theme. While the motif is said to be old, you get to enjoy innovative designs and promotions together with the different reels and games offered by the venue. If you are looking for banking services that will go with your game, you may get one from Silver Dollar Casino. Online customer support will help you get the best out of a single penny you bet.

Basic play for fun Silver Dollar Casino Slots

If you want to play for fun, you may simply download the flash version through your web browsers. From there, you need to register and assure the company that you are of the right age to play the Silver Dollar Casino Slots Game. To appreciate the game even more, here are some of its basics:

  1. Your reels. Expect that you get Wild West Theme for your reels. You are entitled to five reels with five paylines and 29 winning combinations. The basic symbols you will see on the screen are Silver Dollar Casino logo, leather bag, bronco, buffalo, cowboy, mountain, target, whiskey bottle, range and heart.

  2. Winning opportunities. If you are eyeing to win for more through the Silver Dollars Casino Slots, you should look at your maximum betting opportunities. Coin sizes include $.01, $.05, $.1, $.25, $.50, $1.00, $5.00 and $10.00. With a maximum bet of $50, you are entitled to a 10,000-coin maximum jackpot price.

Six-Shooter Bonus – adding more thrills to basic play of Silver Dollar Casino Slots

As presented above, you may not actually see the thrills of playing the Silver Dollar Casino Slots. You may wonder how you will make everything more enjoyable. Here is what you should do if you want to be entitled to the Six-Shooter Bonus:

  1. Open an account. Opening an account is just one of the six parts to enjoy the six-shooter bonus. You are not obliged to invest anything yet you get to receive $5 once you have opened your account with Silver Dollar Casino.

  2. 100%-match bonus. Your first deposit of $300 to Silver Dollar Casino will entitle you to earn $300.

  3. Activate your account. Account activation with Silver Dollar Casino will give you 10,000 loyalty points.

  4. Initial deposit. Once you deposit at least $20 to your activated account with this online casino, you are given the chance to participate in one of the online tournaments sponsored by the venue.

  5. 150%-match bonus. Adding to the thrill of your membership via Silver Dollar Casino is an additional $450 earning for your second deposit of $300.

  6. 200%-match bonus. The third deposit of $300, will earn you up to 200 percent that is equivalent to $600.

More privileges from Silver Dollar Casino Slots

If you think you had enough with the Six-Shooter Bonus from Silver Dollar Casino, well there is still a seventh part of the bonus. Once you went through the first six steps mentioned above, you will be endorsed to the company's VIP Plan. For every regular deposit you make, you have a chance to earn your money back depending on how much you have wagered.

Once you get the hang of it, you will surely love playing the Silver Dollar Casino Slots. You will appreciate the idea that you get to enjoy the best out of online tournaments. Additionally, the fun is all worth it knowing that you are playing with other slots lovers.

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