Players will often choose slots that they feel a connection to, which has historically made this machine a popular choice. For many, the Wheel of Fortune slot machines conjures up images of winning money. Statistics show that Wheel of Fortune slot machines are among some of the most popular in Las Vegas. Many of these slots offer players a progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot is continually growing based on the amount of money that is played in the machine.

The Wheel of Fortune slot machines look like the classic style slots. They are offered in video, 3 reel and 5 reel. The slots machines themselves are similar to the popular TV game. Players "spin the wheel" each time in hopes of winning the jackpot. Lifelike effects of people chanting the name of the game create a nice ambiance. Players are even eligible for a bonus spin.

The button used on the Wheel of Fortune is similar to the game also.
Initially, a player bets max. 3 tokens by pressing the BET button. If they wish to by-pass pressing BET, they can opt for MAX BET which will allow them to deposit 3 tokens into the machine. When players are ready to play, the SPIN button makes the reels turn. If a player receives a wheel symbol on their spin, only then can they play wheel of fortune.

An important thing to know about Wheel of Fortune slot machines is that you must bet the max, 3 coins on each spin, to be able to play for the wheel spin. The base games for Wheel of Fortune include double diamond, Red White and Blue, and Five Times Pay. There is a multi level progression version of these slots also. The Wheel of Fortune slot machines offer players a 3-D interface. The machine is accompanied with realistic sounds and lighting, and it popular in many Las Vegas casinos.