Treasure Trail Slots

An Exciting Adventure

Treasure Trail slots is one of the progressive slot games you can find in some of the well-known casinos. This slot game came from the OddsOn (Vegas Technology) software.

Treasure Trail is a mix of fun and exciting adventure and not just because of the background of a treasure map and a combination of all the things you can see in a treasure hunting expedition which lends an added thrill to the game but because of the progressive jackpot!

Playing the Treasure Trail slot is easy but it’s not easy to get the jackpot price. Like any other chance game, you may wait a long time before you’ll be able to get the jackpot and just like in treasure hunting, it’s worth the wait.

Brief History of Treasure Trail

This game started seven years ago but just last 2008, some mechanics and features of this slot machine game was changed. These are the changes in features of the game.

Before the change, this is how you can win:

  • 3 coins are needed as a wager.

  • You will win the jackpot if the three cross marks landed on the payline.

  • If you only placed 1 coin as a wager and the three cross marks appear, you’ll get 5,000 coins.

  • And if you bet two coins, you will receive 10,000 coins.

These are some of the changes:

  • If you only placed a bet of 1 coin, you will now get 15% of the jackpot.

  • And if you wager 2 coins, you’ll get 25% of the jackpot.

Treasure Trail Features

What are the important features of this game? Let’s take a look on the main features of this Treasure Trail slot machine.

  1. Reels – this is a 3 reels game.

  2. Payline – there is only one payline

  3. Jackpot – this is a progressive slot game, it can reach as high as 500,000 or more.

  4. Minimum jackpot – the starting jackpot is 10,000.

  5. Coins – coin size needed is 2, and 3 coins is needed as a wager to win the jackpot.

  6. Maximum bet – the maximum bet is 6 ($€£).

  7. Symbols – the symbols you can find at this Treasure trail slot game are the following:

a. Crosses – the lucky sign in this game. If you are familiar with treasure hunts stories and adventures, you may have an idea why the cross mark is the jackpot sign. We usually see in a treasure map an X mark or a cross symbol marking where the treasures are. This mark is aptly used in treasure trail slot because once these three crosses appear; you will get your treasures.

Aside from being the jackpot sign, this is also the wild card or the wild symbol which means that it can substitute other symbols to complete a winning combination.

For example, after you spin you get two diamonds and one cross mark, the cross mark can be substituted for a diamond symbol to make a winning combination. If you get two cross marks and any other symbol, the two cross marks can replace any symbol you need to have a winning combination.

Another function of the cross symbol is that it’s a multiplier, which means that when this symbol appear, the winnings you will get will be multiplied.

For example, if cross mark appeared as a wild symbol you will get 2x winnings; if two cross mark appeared as a wildcard, you will receive 4x the winnings.

b. Other symbols or tags in the treasure trail slots are treasure chests, skulls and crossbones, telescopes, gold bars, parrots, diamonds and sevens.

  1. Combination

These are the following combinations and the pay out for the combinations:

  1. 3 crosses – 1 coin, 5000 or 15% of the jackpot; 2 coins, 10000 or 25% of the jackpot; and 3 coins, you’ll get the coveted jackpot.

  2. 3 treasure chests – 1 coin, 500; 2 coins, 1000; 3 coins 1500.

  3. 3 skulls and crossbones – 1 coin, 250; 2 coins, 500; 3 coins, 750.

  4. 3 telescopes – 1 coin, 100; 2 coins, 200; 3 coins, 300.

  5. 3 gold bars – 1 coin, 50; 2 coins, 100, 3 coins, 150.

  6. 3 parrots – 1 coin, 10; 2 coins, 20; and 3 coins, 150.

  7. 3 diamonds – 1 coin, 2; 2 coins, 4 and 3 coins, 6 coins.

  8. 3 sevens – same as the pay out for the three diamonds.

Treasure trail slot is not for a faint heart and those who are just playing because this is a betting game. If you are looking for an adventure try the Treasure Trail slots.

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