Food Slots

Food Slots is a slots game found in many online casinos. This is the favored option of people who love culinary entertainment, and are always thinking of food! There are various types of Food Slots available, and here are a few of them.

Food Fight Slots

Food Fight Slots is a great slots game from Realtime gaming with symbols like pie, pizza, hamburger and ice cream. The game consists of 5 reels and 9 pay lines, an ice cream cone scatter bonus. The regular symbols of Food Fight are pasta, tomato, pizza, pudding, burger and pasta.

There is a jackpot of 6250 coins you can win if you manage to line up five ice cream bowls. There is also a second jackpot of 3500 coins you can get by lining five spaghetti and meatball symbols.

The maximum bet you can place here is of $225 and if you bet on all nine pay lines, you get a chance of winning 405 credits in the scatter bonus. By activating 3 pieces of pie, you can reach the bonus round where you can win coins after choosing among the items displayed here.

Always aim at keeping a bowl of ice cream ready with you as it increases your winning chances. It brings you luck at spinning for the ice cream bonus of the game.

Bonus symbols

You can play Food Fight video slots for free or for real money using the same software that people playing with real money use. There is also a Food Fight bonus game to help you increase your winnings at Food Fight Slots. The highest win here comes from each of your selected pay lines. If there are coinciding wins on other pay lines, they are all added to your winnings.

All the symbols on Food Fight Slots pay from left to right, but for the bonus symbols. The maximum you may be paid for a spin is forty thousand times the bet you make per line.

The bonus symbols offered here are the cone, topping and ice cream symbols which appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4. With three ice cream cone sundaes on a line, you are rewarded the ransom bonus prize value where you can win up to 405 coins.

Once you complete the bonus ice cream cone sundae feature game, you return to your regular food fights slots while your winnings are added to your total wins.

Food Fight bonus feature

In case of the food fight bonus feature, its bonus symbols are pie plate, pie filling and cherry which gets triggered when you get three pie pieces on your pay lines. You can win a maximum of 3,960 coins here while placing the maximum bet on maximum pay lines.

The interesting part of the food fight bonus feature is that you can use it to get revenge on past people by throwing a ‘pie’ at them. All you have to do is choose your victim and click on the hand that holds the pie for the splattering to start.

Each person you hit earns you coins. However on missing a person, the bonus round ends wherein you are returned to your regular slots game and your winnings here are added to your win total.

Flo’s Dinner Slots

Another Food Slots is Flo’s Dinner Slots, which is a traditional one line Microgaming slots, 3 reel slots machine. Symbols used here include donuts, bars, soft drinks and Flo.

The jackpot you aim to win consists of 2400 coins or $12000, while the maximum bet you can place is $30 per spin. In addition to this, there is a second jackpot worth 1600 coins.

To add some ambience to the slots game, Flo’s Dinner Slots comes with a theme of a greasy diner with delicious food. Like traditional slots games, Flo’s Dinner Slots does not have any wild or scatter symbols or any bonus games.

With so much to offer, it is no wonder that there are an increasing number of slots players turning to food slots for their entertainment needs.

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