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Providing More Pleasurable Ways for Online Gaming – This Casino is Closed!

Online casinos provide you with different ways to enjoy your online slot machine gaming. This is where the concept of super slots casino existed. Living up to its name, super slots focus mainly on slot machine games. With great prizes and tournaments attached to the slot machine concept, casino is able to provide you with this super slot machine concept.

Super slots are a combination of more than 30 multi-line online slot machine games and 40 of the most popular games played at casinos. This means that aside from the usual slot machines that you have loved, you have other choices in games such as Baccarat, Poker, Roulette and Keno. Adding more spice to the entire package is its downloadable software.

Super slot casino advantages to enjoy

As mentioned awhile back, even if super slots focus more on slot machine games, you are entitled to other gaming options that make the entire package worth the investment. To give you a better idea about these games, look into the following factors that make it a real standout to online gamers:

  1. Flexible. Super slots casino are very flexible that you are allowed to choose the game depending on the bet that you are willing to lose. The benefit that you will get from the online game extends to the fact that the online game will match your first required deposit of $300 without asking anything in return. This means that your initial betting capabilities is at $600. This will make the whole playing idea even more enjoyable.

  2. Accessible. You do not have to be a US resident to enjoy the Super slots casino. You may come from anywhere in the world and share the same pleasures enjoyed by Americans. All you need is an internet connection to make the system work. You may opt to download the software or just enjoy the game through your web browser.

  3. Varieties. Most slot machines are classified either under three reels, five reels or progressive reels. You do not have to worry about that when it comes to Super slots casino. Since you are given a lot of options, you may enjoy all types of reels that you are looking for. These variations will make playing time even more worth it.

Play options and tournaments for Super slots casino

You have two play options if you have decided to go for Super slots casino. First is "play for fun" where you get to enjoy the game without investing on anything. All you need is to select for the slot machine game that you want to play. Enjoy spinning the reels without being worried about losing actual money.

If you opt for more than that, a second playing option is available. This one is known as the "play for money" alternative. This is riskier knowing that you have to invest real cold cash to be able to get your actual winnings.

Apart from these playing options, you are given the opportunity to join tournaments where you may win as much as $250,000. All you need to do is download tournament schedules and see what is in store for the week. The good thing is that some of these tournaments are offered for free.

Samples of games to enjoy

There are different types of games to enjoy when playing through Super slots casino. To give you an overview on what is in store for you once you register through this online gaming venue, take a look at the following:

  1. 3-reel Slots. Some of the most popular 3-reel games available in the Super slots casino are Double Gold, Triple Gold, Crazy Cherry, King Tuts Treasure, Royal Caribbean and Swept Away.

  2. 5-reel Slots. For better playing thrills, you may also choose 5-reel slots. These are available in two variations – one with a bonus and one without a bonus. Samples of 5-reel bonus slots are The Right Prize, Independence Day, Black Magic and Solomon's Mines while 5-reel slots without bonuses are Tiki Lounge, Magic Monkey, Doctor Love and Eastern Dragon.

  3. Progressive Reels. There are three games to enjoy under these slot machines. These are: Pay Dirt; Red, White and Win; and Mega Money Mine.

There are indeed a lot of choices for Super slots casino. Whether or not you have real money to bet on it, you will surely enjoy the fun offered by these online games. Take time out from your usual daily activities and browse through the different games offered by Super slots.

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