Cash Slots

A Comprehensive Guide to Cash Slots

Cash slots include a cabinet full of money. Players would spin the reels and observe them as they play. Symbols or icons would emerge from the screens and would reveal your winnings. For every type of slot, there is a jackpot prize intended for the lucky winner. Bonus prizes are also available for fortunate players.

Effectively Playing on Cash Slots

There are certain steps to follow when playing these machines.

  • Step 1 – Studying the Pay Table

Before playing on a slot machine, it is advisable that you read and know more about the game. You can learn from various sources over the web and use this as a basis for your game play.

In slot machines, there is also a pay table which specifically gives the instructions of the game. From here, you will learn valuable information that would help you understand the game mechanics.

  • Step 2 – Play on a Machine Which You Can Afford

Opt for a slot that fits well with your budget. Since there are hundreds of slot variations in online casino, choose something that goes with your funds.

  • Step 3 – Choose a Bet Magnitude

You can always decide how much to wager in cash slots. However, it is recommended to bet the maximum amount to increase the chance of winning.

  • Step 4 – Play with Discipline

This has always been a helpful advice to those who wish to play in online casinos. Remember to stick with your budget or you’ll end up losing a huge amount of money. Although it takes a while to develop self control, you will definitely benefit from it in the end.

  • Step 5 – Cash Away or Withdraw Your Money

The moment you win, cash away your money and deposit it immediately. This will help you learn how to control despite the availability of funds.

Cash Slots Online

Here are some useful steps to remember when playing cash slots online.

  • Each slot has a specific review which can be found over the web. You can learn a lot by reading from these sources.

  • Choose a casino wisely. Since there are plenty of online gambling sites, pick the one which is credible and which offers the best game play.

  • Decide between downloading and registering for an account. Downloadable games are usually offering free plays which you can use for practice. Once you sign up for an account, you will be asked to deposit a certain amount of money which you can use instantly in any game.

  • Pick a cash slot machine that fits your budget.

  • Spin the reels and be ready for the big prizes ahead.

Popular Cash Slots

There are several cash slots offered by online casinos. However, these three have ranked the highest in popularity.

  • King Cashalot

This slot game has it all. The features are very rewarding and the prizes are simply the best that you could find in an online setting. There is a bonus game, the scatter and wild symbol, plus a progressive jackpot prize.

The “treasure bonus” section of this slot game offers the best jackpot prize around. It also has 9 lines and 5 reels in total which you can wager on specific amounts.

  • Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna is not only popular in online casinos. It is also found in many land-based casinos all over the world. It has 9 lines and 5 reels like King Cashalot.

Once you spin five Big Kahuna symbols, you are in for the jackpot that’s 8,000 times your line bet. The game also features two bonus rounds – the Volcano and Pick a Mask bonus.

  • Tomb Raider

The game is both popular in the cinemas and in a casino setting. Unlike the two slots mentioned, Tomb raider boasts 15 pay lines and 5 reels. There are also multiple coin bets in this game. If you get lucky and you strike on five Tomb Raider symbols, you can take home as much as 7,500 times your line bet.

Cash slots offer great bonus prizes. They are very promising to play with. Try playing these slots at and experience how it is to be a king in a casino!

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