Play the Highest Payouts

It’s no secret that different slots games have different payout percentages. These payout percentages usually range from about 70 to 98 percent, and depending on the percentage that the game you’re playing is using, will obviously be the largest determining factor in how much you will win. The payout percentage of a game will not always be listed on the paytable chart, or anywhere else that’s obvious on the outside of a machine. If it’s a physical slots game you might have to call up the instructions or carefully read the fine print to find the payout percentage. With online slots the payout percentage is usually listed somewhere in the help section. You should take the time to research and familiarize yourself with the payout percentages of all the different games, whether you’re playing in a real or virtual casino. You can always mix up which games you play, but if your major aim is to win as much as possible you obviously want to play the game with the highest payout percentage the majority of the time.

Bonuses and Promotions

The different games and casinos offer drastically different bonuses and promotions, all of which can greatly increase your overall bottom line if you are appropriately choosy. If you’re playing at a real casino try to sign up for a Players Club Card instead of using coinage to fund your playing. The Club Card account usually offers a bonus for signing up. Some online casinos may also offer a special player account with special bonuses. Also most online casinos offer a certain signup bonus. Search around for the casinos that offer the highest signup bonuses and you can get a big chunk of money to offset your potential losses. You should be aware, as well, of the different "Comps" or free giveaways a Casino may offer its regular players. Some casinos may offer you certain amounts of cash for playing a certain amount of time. Stay on top of these and don’t be afraid to ask the casino if they are willing to offer you a little incentive to keep playing at their casino.

Play The Maximum All The Time

The payout percentages of most slots games usually include the Jackpot, especially in non-progressive games. So it is important to ensure you are eligible for the jackpot on every roll. Many slots games require that you bet the maximum number of coins in order to be eligible for the jackpot. If this is the case, be sure to bet the max each time. Every bet you make where you are not eligible for the jackpot is a wasted chance at winning all your money back.

Play Longer With Single Lines

If you want to stretch out your playing for an evening or take a break and save some money for an hour or so without totally eliminating your chances to win, try sticking to a single payline machine for a bit. These games are cheaper to play so you will save money, and every time you roll you are eligible for the jackpot.

Manage Your Money

Have a money management strategy set up before you start playing. (See later sections for more on money management strategies.)

Stick to Your Limits

Don’t be tempted to go over the amount of money you have set for a given game or for a given amount of time. Once you lose your limit stick to your guns and walk away. Maybe it’s just an unlucky night, and there will be plenty more occasions to come back and give your luck another go.