There’s no need to put bills in your floppy drive. In fact when you’re playing online slots there is no need to handle physical money at all. Unlike a real casino where you have to spend time at a cashier’s desk changing up money, then having no choice but to lug around buckets of tokens, with online slots there are no such worries. All your transactions are handled online. A virtual casino will require you to make a deposit of funds into your casino account. This is typically done through a third party online financial transaction company, the most common one being Virtual Exchange. Once you open a Virtual Exchange account, you just use either your credit card or any one of the various other payment methods, to deposit money into your Virtual Exchange account. Once you have money in your Virtual Exchange account it’s just a few simple clicks to transferring the money to your casino account, so you can start playing slots right away.

If you’re new to doing business online, there is no need to be nervous. Online payments and other transactions have become extremely common and are protected with the most advanced security software that exists. And using your credit card to make purchases online is safe as well. Even when you use your credit card at a hotel or a car rental company there is the chance that someone might see your information. But when you make a purchase at an online casino the only one who sees your information is the computer-and computers are as honest as they come.