It's easy to find some misinformation about slot machines, here are just some we've run across.

Myth: Real Slots are Mechanical

Some people think online slots are not as safe as real slots because real land-based slot machines are mechanical, and therefore can't be "fixed". This is not the case. Although they look mechanical, real slot machines are controlled by the same computer software that an online slots game uses to control it. Online slots are just as safe, possibly safer than real world slots, and are impossible to be fixed by either the house or anyone else.

Myth: Pulling the Handle is Better Than Pressing Spin

Pressing the spin button or pulling the handle doesn't affect the outcome of a spin. Both methods yield the same chances of a win, thus there is no difference between a real slots game and an online slots game.

Myth: Real Slots Have Hot and Cold Cycles

Some people think that if a real slot machine has been played for a long time without giving out a win, it is about to enter a hot cycle where it will pay out a lot. This is not true. Both online and offline slots use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each spin. Each spin is different and has no bearing on the next spin to follow. Online slots do, however, offer Progressive Slots just as real slots, where the jackpot continues to grow.

Myth: In real Casinos the Best Slots Games are Located in Certain Places

Although a real casino may organize their slots games into certain styles and kinds of games, so too does an online casino. The fact is that the random nature of slot machines makes any attempt at organizing either the good ones or bad ones in certain areas, impossible. Online slots give the same probability of choosing the best games as does a real casino.