Holiday Slots

Online Games to Celebrate Certain Occasions

The world of themed slots will not be complete unless you get to play the best Holiday Slots in town. From Halloween to Christmas and from New Year to Valentine's Day, there is an online slot machine you will enjoy. All of these provide you with extreme fun plus you may be able to play them even if the occasion is not yet around the corner.

Holiday Slots include a wide array of options. Included in the list are Secret Admirer Slots and Diamond Deal Slots – both follow the Valentine's Day theme – and Gift Rap Slots – a Christmas themed slot. Take a look at how each of these online slots will give you much fun and excitement.

Holiday Slots # 1 – Secret Admirer Slots

Following the Valentine theme, Secret Admirer Slots is a 5-reel 9-pay line game. With this, you are given 46 winning combinations. Here's what is in store for you in this game:

  1. Different symbols. Secret Admirer Slots contains symbols such as the secret admirer heart, pendant, atomizer, single red rose and the rose heart wreath. High cards from seven to ace are also found on the reels. The wild symbol is the mask while the scatter symbol is represented by the diamond ring.

  2. Bets and winning combinations. There are eight coin sizes for the game starting from $.01 to $1.00. Maximum bet per spin is 90 coins or $90. The jackpot is set at 5,000 coins while a second jackpot adds 2,500 coin equivalents to your winnings.

  3. Bonus game. The bonus game for Secret Admirer Slots is played on the reels. Once you hit at least two diamond rings, you are given the opportunity to play three free spins.

Holiday Slots # 2 – Diamond Deal Slots

This Valentine-themed slot has three reels with only one payline. It entitles you to eight winning combinations. Read more about the thrills you should expect from this game:

  1. Symbols. There are only four symbols on the reels. These are the Diamond, Seven, Cherries and Bars. The Diamond plays as the wild symbol but there is no scatter symbol for the game.

  2. Bets and winning combinations. There is only one coin size for this game –the $1.00. You are entitled to a maximum of three coin bets for each spin thus your maximum betting amount is set at $3.00. Your primary jackpot winnings entitle you to 3,000 coins or an equivalent amount of $9,000 if you play the maximum bet. You also have a secondary jackpot of 1,000 coins.

  3. Bonus game. The bonus game for Diamond Deal Slots can be played on the second screen. Once you hit four jewelry boxes, the bonus game gets activated. In the bonus round, you get to meet six red and blue diamonds. Each of these diamonds has a corresponding bonus prize.

Holiday Slots # 3 – Gift Rap Slots

This Christmas-themed slot concentrates on typical Christmas gifts like toys. It has 5 reels with 25 pay lines that entitle you to 32 winning combinations. Here is what you should know about these Holiday Slots:

  1. Symbols on the reels. The symbols on Gift Wrap Slots include music box, Bart elf, Max elf, backup elves, teddy bear, monkey, spinning top and hammer. The wild bauble is the wild symbol while the scatter spray represents the scatter symbol.

  2. Bets and winning combinations. There are seven coin sizes in the game starting from as low as $.01 to $.50. Each spin entitles you to a maximum bet of 250 coins or an equivalent amount of $125. Primary jackpot is set at 6,000 coins or $750,000 and the secondary jackpot is set at 1,000 coins or $125,000.

  3. Bonus game. The bonus game for this Christmas-themed slot is played on the second screen. It is activated once you hit at least three Jack Frost symbols.

  4. Game variation. Aside from the 5-reel, 25-payline game, you may also enjoy a 5-reel, 15-payline version. This one is available through 7 Sultan and Blackjack Casinos.

These three games are mere samples of the many Holiday Slots you will enjoy. Once you enroll in any online casino, you will be given more options to play in these theme slot category. Take time out to explore your options to suit your betting styles and winning desires.

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