Silver Dollar

Silver Dollar – This Casino is Closed!

If there is one thing that will certainly attract you to play via Silver Dollar then that will be its home page. Designed using a classic cowboy theme format, the site is filled with graphics and texts that will surely catch your eyes while browsing through the venue. But apart from the homepage design of Silver Dollar, there are other features that will entice you to be part of the online casino.

The Six-Shooter Bonus – A Feature Unique to Silver Dollar

The Six-Shooter Bonus feature includes: (1) $5 free for opening an account with the site either through instant play or through software download; (2) earn 100% bonus of up to $550 for your first deposit; (3) earn 10,000 points with your new VIP rewards account; (4) earn a free tournament opportunity with a $20 deposit; (5) a second deposit will earn you 100% bonus of up to $400 more to your account; and (6) an additional 100% bonus on your third deposit up to a maximum of $400.

Other Bonuses from Silver Dollar

The Six-Shooter Bonus is not enough. You still have other bonuses from the site. Use a prepaid gift card from Silver Dollar and deposit a minimum of $50 or a maximum of $600 and you will get a 100% bonus. You will be entitled to 10% bonus for your succeeding deposits to the prepaid gift card.

There is also such a thing as the $750 free weekly bonus available for players. You have to start with Level One. This one entitles you to a bonus of up to 5% of your total deposits or a maximum of $100 per month. When you reach Level Three then you can avail of the $750 additional weekly bonus.

The Silver Dollar Platinum Player Program

This goes with your Silver Dollar VIP Plan. The program starts with the Elite then the Premium then the Gold Account and the Platinum Account. This entitles you to a weekly rebate and deposit bonuses ranging from 10% to 30% of all your deposits.

Joining Silver Dollar Tournaments

You can play against a thousand members of the site just by simply clicking on Silver Dollar's Tournament Tab. There are games that are currently being offered. You can check on that as this will change from time to time. Take your pick then press on the 'Register' button. You then have to select a nickname that will be linked to your account. Join as many tournaments as you wish to.

Casino Games Via Silver Dollar

There are many games available via Silver Dollar. Apart from over 100 games offered by the site, there are also more than 60 slot games to enjoy. Plus, you can enjoy progressive jackpots with the games. Other game types are craps, blackjack, roulette, stud poker and video poker.

As you have read above, you can indeed find a lot of interesting features in Silver Dollar Casino. You can start playing your online games via the venue after you have familiarized yourself with all these facets.