There are many similarities between online slots and real world ones, but there are also many differences, and it's the differences that make them the preferred choice for many players. Have a look at these reasons to choose online slots.

1. Here Verses There

It's obvious. An online casino is literally a few clicks away. Not having to leave your house to play means you can play anytime you want for as long as you want. You can play in-between loads of laundry during the day, or kick back and spin the reels over a few drinks at night. And you don't even have to be at home to play. Anywhere you are where there is a computer, whether it's your own portable laptop or a friends PC, you can start playing in seconds with a few clicks of the mouse. Simply put, playing slots online is ultra convenient.

2. Practice For Free

An online Casino gives you the chance to play any of the games, including the slots, for free as much as you like. This is a fabulous opportunity you'd never have at a real casino. There are also many websites offering free slots just for fun, some of them listed below are very well done.


Are you new to slots? Want to try a new game? Want to fine-tune your skills? Do it online for free!

3. Cheaper

Not having to travel to play in a casino means a lot of money you don't have to spend. When you play online you save money on tickets to Vegas. And if you have a casino in your area, you save on the cost of driving down town, paying for parking, and eating out. Best of all, the money you save playing online means your winnings translate into bigger profits!

4. It's Between You and The Casino

Playing slots or another game at an online casino is completely anonymous. You can play on your own terms with absolutely no one else knowing. At an online casino your privacy is absolute, something a public casino obviously can't provide.

5. Your Favorite Game is Always Open

Unlike a land casino, when you're playing online there is no one else competing with you for the same game. Every player has their own account, allowing them to play any game they want whenever they want.

6. No Pressure, No Crowds No Lineups

No standing in a cashier lineup, no lineups anywhere. You control how many people you want with you while you play, from 1 to as many as the room can hold.

7. Less Distractions Means More Profit

Real Casinos try to distract you while you play by filling the room with loud sounds, lots of people, and refreshment servers. The more of your attention is focused on all these crazy things going on around you, the less attention you have to focus on your playing. When you're playing online you can control the level of distraction, which means your chances of winning are greater.

8. Track Each and Every Bet

When you're playing online slots it's much easier to keep track of how much money your betting and how much you're winning. With a simple click you see all your financial information. This added tool allows you to stay on top of your finances, and control how much you're betting. You can make wiser decisions overall about your playing strategy, which translates into higher winnings.

Online Slots The Better Choice

When you add it all up, playing online slots is the far better choice for both new and seasoned slots players. Not to say that playing in a Las Vegas Casino doesn't have its high points too. But unless you can jump in a jet and fly to Las Vegas whenever you like, playing online is the next best thing. And even if you have a personal jet, you can still satisfy your slots desires faster online than you can via the jet to Vegas or a car drive downtown. Some websites are also offering free slots game in the browser, it's the way you enjoy the games without spending any money.