Bonus Video Progressive Slots

Normally, progressive slots are the highest paying machines in online casinos. Most of the jackpots are offered in millions which is surely worth the try! Make sure that you’re a 100% knowledgeable of the game to win big cash prizes in bonus video progressive slots.

The Positives

Opportunities are in abundance when playing these slots. Moreover, the graphics are flawlessly stunning and the sounds are just superb. It makes you feel like you’re playing in a real casino setting.

Bonus video progressive slots have everything you need of a slot machine. It is full of bonus features which would make your play a worthwhile experience. Unlike traditional slot machines, these slots have reels which are displayed in a highly techno-advanced manner.

They are considered one of the most enjoyable machines to play with because the pot prize is progressive. This means that the jackpot increases as the slot is being played.

Progressive Machines

As more coins are wagered in the machine, the jackpot prize rises higher and higher. Today, there are three types of progressive machines available in online casinos. These are:

  • wide area – these machines are connected to a network of slots at several casinos

  • in-house – these spring from a bank or a network of machines situated in one casino

  • stand-alone – the jackpot from these slots are built from a single machine

A digital monitor will appear once the gamer plays the slot. It will show how much the accumulated jackpot is in the slot machine. The amount will automatically drop once the pot prize is hit by the player. It will begin increasing once another player starts to play at the machine.

It’s easy to detect a progressive slot machine. You simply have to look at the payout schedule and you will determine the type of slot from there. The rest of the symbol combo payouts are predetermined on progressive slots.

Things to Keep in Mind

Generally, players have higher chances of winning when playing these kinds of slot. To earn the highest payouts, the player is advised to play the maximum bet on the machine. Keep in mind that each payline offers the players a chance to win big in the game. The player – however – must be able to afford to play at an extended time.

Although playing the maximum bet may end up costing more, it can definitely make you win big pot prizes. If you do not bet this much, you will only lose a whole lot of winnings.

Slot Samples

Bonus video progressive slots are not a rare find in casinos. Here are some examples of the best ones found in many online sites today:

  • Millionaire’s Club

The most traditional of all progressive slots is the Millionaire’s Club. It has three reels and a single pay line. There are only a few options when betting on this machine. The player has to choose over 1 to 3 coins per payline and spin the reel.

  • Mega Moolah

Like many other slot machines, Mega Moolah is a 5-reel 25 pay line slot. It features 4 progressive pot prizes which will definitely increase your odds at winning. It has wild icons, scatter symbols, a bonus round, and lots of free spins to boast for. It is also equipped with eye-catching tricks that will truly make your casino experience a rewarding one!

  • Rags to Riches

Like Mega Moolah, this slot game is designed with 5 reels. However, it is crafted with only 20 pay lines. The numerous scatter symbols in the game will certainly increase your chance of taking home the jackpot prize.

There are many other bonus video progressive slots around. If you ever run into one, be sure to play the maximum bet and spin the reels with great luck.

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