The percentage return of slot machines vary from casino to casino, and often on the different machines within the same casino. In general, a casino advertise slots with returns as high as 97% to the player, others even as high as 99%. Obviously, the player stands a much better chance of winning at these places than others where a standard return of only 89%.

Most of the casinos online does give you the percentage return in their auditing reports, check out these reports before you choice which slots to bet.

In land-based casino, casinos that specialize in slots and look to attract serious players, will set up slots areas within a casino that will have better payoffs, or even, as you can find in Las Vegas, the whole casino will be slots only! These casinos look slots as an important income, and in order to keep regular slots customers, their players must have more time to enjoy the games, they must hear those jackpot bells ringing – after all, winning is contagious!

Some machines are set to pay better than others, and these slots will be mixed in with poorer paying ones, so its always a good idea to look for a hot machine. Better yet, as the change girls. They spend whole day near the slot machines and know which one tend to return the most money.

If you just want to enjoy few hours fun time, and not risk your bankroll, then slots mamma and are definitely the place to try.