Cleopatra’s Pyramid Slots

Discovering Ancient Egypt at Its Best

Nothing compares to being in an ancient casino setting. Today, there are several choices for reminiscing the olden times through casino – one of them being Cleopatra's Pyramid Slots. The latter is a fun-filled game that will take you back to primordial Egypt. What's more, the game offers huge amounts of cash prizes and bonuses as well.

The Secret Unveiled

This highly dynamic slot game allows you to win cash prizes and bonus rounds. Once the pyramid bricks appear on the screen, you'll instantly emerge a winner in the game. You simply have to come up with two pyramid symbols on any of the 20 paylines, and then you're in the grabs for cash. A useful technique would be betting in all 20 paylines so you could have higher odds at winning. You may also make changes on the coin size depending on your needs.

Brief Description

This Egyptian-themed game is a 5-reel 20 payline slot that offers you great luck and wonderful experience. It boasts a wide range of features that include free spins and a bonus game.

One can wager as small as 1 cent per coin up to $10. If you get 5 Cleopatra symbols, then you're in for the 10,000 coin jackpot! Numbers that represent high value cards, diamond studded letters, and the Tutankhamun Mummie tomb are other winning combinations to anticipate for in the game.

Like other slot machines, Cleopatra's Pyramid Slots has a stop spin feature which you can use and press when the first reel comes to a halt.

The Symbols

Cleopatra's symbol represents all other signs except for the Pyramid or Scarab insignia. Once you hit this on the spin, you're sure to win great money from the game.

Cleopatra's Pyramid Slots also permit you to double your winnings. The Multiplier symbol, which is Cleopatra herself, becomes a lucky sign when in a winning combination.

The Scatter symbol is another popular figure in the game. It will result to winning no matter where it lands on the reels. The total money at stake will be multiplied by the scatter wins and are rewarded independent of chosen lines.

Free Spins and Bonus

If you land on three or more Scarab symbols, you will win a total of 15 free spins. The winnings at this time will also be tripled and will definitely give a boost in your total cash prize.

A great bonus awaits if you land on Pyramid symbols between the 2nd and 4th reel – all at the same time.

During the course of the game, you are given the chance to pick blocks and move up the pyramid. A prize lies ahead for every brick you choose. However, you need to be extremely careful with your choices or you'll be completely busted out of the game. There is this one brick holding a Cobra behind it, ready to steal your cash.

How to Play the Game

Playing Cleopatra's Pyramid Slots is actually very easy. It involves the following steps:

  • Choose the Coin Size you wish to play with by tapping the – or + button on the selection box.

  • Bet by clicking on either "one"; or "max" buttons.

  • If you wish to get the maximum number of coins, choose the "bet max" tab.

  • Click on Spin to start the game.

  • The reels will then begin spinning and come to a halt one by one.

There is nothing to lose but more to gain with Cleopatra's Pyramid Slots. You'll definitely enjoy the ancient casino setting plus the cash prize waiting. Best of luck!

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