Understanding the different aspects of slot machines can be confusing for some. However, if you are able to understand the machine you are playing on, you will feel more comfortable playing slots.

When deciding on which machines are the best to play, a player can choose from mechanical reel slots and video slots. Video slots are driven by a Random Number Generator, which guarantees that the outcome of the slots will be entirely random. Each millisecond, a random number is sent to the machine. Each machine will have a different number assigned to each reel, and the outcome will be completely random.

Another aspect about slot machines that you will need to know is which machine you will want to pick. Players normally have two styles of slot machines to choose from, progressive or flat. A flat will have a pre-determined payout for printed combinations of different reels.

These straight or jagged lines that appear on the machine with the winning combo are known as the paylines. The reels will normally number three or more, however video machines can have up to 100 paylines.

Progressive machines, on the other hand, will have a jackpot which will increase by a percentage for each token played. You will need to decide on which kind of payout machine you want. For some, the big payout of $100,000 or a new car is what drives them to play. And other players prefer the big payouts.

The one issue when playing on progressive machines is that players have to tap into their wallet and use max-coins or max-credits each time they play. This can quickly become an expensive venture. This can often fool new players into thinking they have a shot at the jackpot.

The 95% payout machines are also tempting -but be careful – this machine will payout at 95% over its lifetime. And often the payouts can only be a ‘taste’ (a payout that will not cover your initial costs). Once you have done your research you are set to play.

When you have won at the slot machines the light will go off on the top of the machine. This is normally indicated by lots of loud sounds as well. The call attendant button may light up, and a casino member will come over. If not, simply press the button to cash out.