First Things First

One of the biggest factors that effect your success at playing slots is the amount of time you can spend playing, and above all the thing that effects how long you can play is your money-how much you have, and how fast it goes. But don't be fooled. Successfully funding your slots playing is not just about making sure you have as much money as possible to spend over the longest period of time. On the contrary, it is about being responsible-spending an appropriate amount of money for your income level and budgeting out over an appropriate period of time. Here we will list a few money management strategies that allow you to do this so that you can make the most of your money, have a great time, and not bankrupt yourself so you can always come back for more.

Strategy 1 – Set a Bank Roll

A big mistake that a lot of people make when they first start playing slots is neglecting to set a finite amount of money for each session of play. A session of play could be a night, a day, an hour, or a week! However long you plan to be playing slots you should always set a limit that you are willing to LOSE and stick to it. Once you hit that limit DON'T GO OVER! Playing slots is a game for Adults. If you don't have the self control and discipline to set a limit and not spend over it then you don't deserve to play. That may sound harsh but it's the truth. This is your livelihood your toying with, and if you're not responsible with your money your livelihood could go down the drain. It happens every day. So do yourself a favor and don't let it happen to you. Every time you plan to visit a casino take the time to sit down and figure out how much you can afford to lose. If you're going on a holiday then budget an amount for the week. If you're just going for a night then budget an amount for the night. There is no rule for how much is right, but the best way to think of it is, how much you would spend on a normal night out, or a normal weekend outside of the casino. If you would normally sped $100 out with friends outside of a casino in a night, then set your casino limit for the night at $100. Once you set this amount you can either do one of two things: you can sit down prior to going to the casino and budget out how you're going to spend the money, in other words on what games. The other way is to wait until you go to the casino and just spend as you go. This method is a little more risky because it's easier to lose track of how much you're spending. The best way to spend as you go is to take out your entire bankroll for that evening as soon as you get to the casino. Spend only that cash, then, when you run out you know for sure that it's time to quit.

As an added money management tool some people like to actually keep a pen and notepad with them throughout the night, and will actually record ho much money they are spending on each game. When they win they write it down-when they lose they write it down. Micromanaging your budget this way can be a very smart way of deciding what slots games you want to play throughout your session. For instance if you see that you are losing money a little faster then you normally would on a certain progressive game, then you might consider switching to a flat top game with fewer reels.

No mater how wealthy you are there is no excuse for playing slots without setting a budget, even the richest Arab Sheiks have the good sense to set limits. If you really like to play slots it's the only way to ensure you can continue to play on into the future.