To make a game of slots more interesting, there are various slots machines on the internet that work based on different themes. One of these many slot machines is the 20,000 Leagues slots which is produced by Odds on software and Vegas Technology. This slots machine is based on the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues under […]

Get to Meet Aliens from Space through this Online Slot Themed slots allow you to explore your surroundings. You get mesmerized with adventures at sea and on land. But, you also have a partner in online slot machine games following the alien or space theme. Take a look at one of the popular slots along […]

Playing In Cloud Nine Several video slots are constantly appearing in the internet today – and one of the best of them is the Birds of Paradise Slots. The concept of the game makes it an interesting find among new and adept gamblers alike. However, the superb graphics is not the only thing that makes […]

Playing With Black Magic Slot It’s always worth playing in slot machines – especially if you run into the Black Magic Slot. It is no surprise why most gamblers prefer playing in this slot. The big bonus prize plus the graphics of the game make the casino experience a very productive and pleasurable one! Brief […]

Those who love monkey business combined with a great game of slots will definitely enjoy themselves on Cool Bananas slots. This is a new, but terrific video slot game from OddsOn that carries a King Kong theme. Cool Bananas slots was launched in October 2007 by Vegas Technology with 5 reels and 25 pay lines. […]

Dynasty Slots is a new, but traditional online slots game launched by Vegas Technology in July 2009. this OddsOn game has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. The game is based on an ancient Japanese or Samurai fashion. Dynasty Slots does not offer any side games but manages to offer cutting edge graphics that keep […]

Those who loved the dance, Funky Chicken of the 60s will really love the game, Funky Chicken Slots. This slots game was developed by Oddson software from Vegas technology. The terrific graphics and music will keep you dancing and entertained throughout the game. Funky Chicken Slots is a 5 reel, 25 pay line video slot […]

A very interesting slots game is the magic monkey slots that was released on October 10, 2008 by OddsOn while using Vegas Technology. Magic monkey slots is basically a bonus video slots or 25-line video slots game that has a comical magic theme. The magic monkey slots is a slots game based on a theme […]

Travel bugs love Travel Slots where you can visit exotic places like Africa, India and Egypt while sitting at home or at the office. All you need is a PC or laptop, and one of the many travel themed Travel Slots games. One such Travel Slots game is the Last King of Egypt slots with […]

Parrot Party slots is a music-themed slots game that was introduced in March, 2009. Parrot Party slots is not only colorful, but is also great fun. Its Vegas Technology follows a whimsical theme that is easy to play, and user friendly. Parrot Party uses 5 reels and 25 paylines with 33 winning combinations where you […]

The Vegas Party slots can be called the most exquisite slots game available today. The game was released on September 2007 by Vegas Technology and offers 5 reels and 25 pay lines in a game. Being a 25-line slots game, winning combinations just seem to pop up anywhere. This is why it is better to […]

Understanding the Thrills of This Slot Machine Game T-Rex Slots are themed slots coming from the real series of casinos that has been powered by RTG. With the name of the game itself, you will conclude that this one is made of reels with the tyrannosaurus X or T-Rex in it. However, much more than […]

Play Big Like These Famous Japanese Warriors Sumo wrestling is a popular sports game played in Japan. Now, it comes to your computers giving you an online casino game that you will love. This is called Sumo Slots, a slot machine game that is filled with this part of Japanese culture. Making the entire look […]

Three of the Themed Slots You Will Enjoy One famous themed slot that is growing popularly to a lot of online gamers is the Stunt Master Slots. These ones gained inspiration from TV series where stuntmen and stuntwomen are needed. These action heroes replace the actors and actresses especially in dangerous scenes. Stunt Master Slots […]

Various Slot Machines for Sport Lovers You may be a sports buff spending some of your free time through your favorite sports. If the weather is not good enough, you have the choice to enjoy your game through Sport Slots. Just have your computers ready and download a series of games made for sports enthusiasts […]

A Game Filled with "Who's Done It" Mysteries Every fictional book lover had their own encounters with Sherlock Holmes. He was a famous character who continued to thrill every reader since it was put into publication in 1887. Now, you get the thrills of this famous fictional character via Sherlock Holmes Slots. This slot machine […]

The Classic Three-Reel Slot You Wouldn't Dare Miss Even if five-reel and 25-payline slot machines are spreading like wild fire over the net, a lot of you will still crave for the usual three-reel slots that you have been used to. One game to consider is the Sevens Ablaze Slots. This one promises great online […]

An Introduction to Salsa Slots To make the game more interesting, there are now many versions of slots available to the slots enthusiast. And one such slots game worth playing is Salsa Slots from WagerLogic. This is new, simple, easy to play 5 reels, 25 pay line slot game that comes with a Mexican theme. […]

Enjoying a Slot Machine Game Patterned From a TV Show If you are familiar with the television game show entitled "The Price is Right", it would somehow be very easy for you to follow the concept of the Right Prize slots. Some of the rules are varied though plus there are several tips on how […]

A Themed Slot for Winter If there are themed slots for summer, there is also a set of themed slots for winter. One of the winter-themed slots to take note of is Northern Lights Slots. Anyone of you who had spent time in Alaska will certainly see why these slots were classified under the winter […]

Who Says a Creepy Theme Can't Be Enjoyable? In the world of various theme slots, you will find a wide array of variations. In fact, you may also get some of the creepiest creatures included on your playing reels. One of the games to watch out for in this category is the Monster Money Slots. […]