Sevens Ablaze Slots

The Classic Three-Reel Slot You Wouldn't Dare Miss

Even if five-reel and 25-payline slot machines are spreading like wild fire over the net, a lot of you will still crave for the usual three-reel slots that you have been used to. One game to consider is the Sevens Ablaze Slots. This one promises great online action even if you think that the 3-reel option is not enough to do that.

The truth is that even if the Sevens Ablaze Slots is just one of the classic three-reel slots that you have known of, you still get the hype of the game. This makes you not wanting to stand from your sits especially once the game intensifies. First-timers out there will surely learn from the tricks presented by these slots.

Enjoying the Sevens Ablaze Slots

There are many ways for you to enjoy Sevens Ablaze Slots. This is actually a live online casino game that is typical of the slot machines you see through these local venues. Here is how you may enjoy the game proper:

  1. Know the reel symbols. This slot will not be named as such if there is no blazing "7" symbol on the game. This is considered as the wild symbol in the slot machine. This entitles you to win the jackpot while there are also 7's available in various colors. You also have the bar symbols and the sunshine symbol on your play screens. Once you hit the latter in one of your paylines, you will definitely have a payout.

  2. Learn how to bet through these slots. There are different coin sizes on the reel, starting from $.5 to as much as $5. You may bet either one, two or three of these coins for a single spin.

A variation to the three-reel Sevens Ablaze Slots

You read it right. There is a variation to the three-reel Sevens Ablaze Slots. You get to enjoy the 5-payline Sevens Ablaze Slots to make your online gaming even more pleasurable. Look at its similarities and difference with the three-reel version:

  1. Similarities. The 5-payline version has the same symbols as that of the three-reel Seven Ablaze slot machine game. The winning combinations are the same and the maximum winnings for both are at 1,000 coins.

  2. Differences. You get to enjoy the 1,000-coin jackpot on the 5th payline. The rest of the four paylines gives you maximum winnings of 250 coins only. Another distinct characteristic of the 5-payline version is the fact that the blazing sevens in this game are not considered as wild symbols. This means that it does not substitute for any symbol to make a winning combination.

Just like other slot machine games, you may enjoy the Sevens Ablaze Slots through different venues. Make sure that you go for casinos that will match the satisfaction that you are looking for in the game. If you want to get a progressive jackpot, you may find it through Slots Village Casino. If you are opting for plain fun, you may just as well opt for what Winward Casino offers. What matters is you enjoy the entire game the way it was created by Parlay Entertainment for you.