Wild West Slots

The Wild West slots is a classic western themed slots game created by Net Entertainment. It needs no download and has 5 reels and 9 pay lines that help you form 24 winning combinations.

The minimum wager in Wild West slots is one coin on a pay line while the maximum wager is 10 coins for all 9 pay lines, so you have a maximum wager of 90 coins.

If you are lucky, you can win the top jackpot of Wild West slots, which is 10,000 coins. The second highest prize here is 2,500 coins for five silver quarters and all other wins are 500 coins or less.

No wild or scatter symbols

The regular symbols used in Wild West slots are a wad of money, a badge, a horseshoe, a coin, a bullet, a horse and a boot. There are no wild or scatter symbols in Wild West slots; it’s just that to win here, all the wins here have to be aligned from left to right.

However, the colt revolver is one symbol that can pay on active pay lines without being in consecutive order. If you manage to get three or more Colt Revolvers on active pay line, you are taken to the first phase of the bonus game.

Here, you are shown a screen with seven bad guys where you have to aim and shoot just one bandit, who you think has highest bonus prize. After firing your shot, the prize for different characters are shown over their heads.

You may find a coin value or a ‘Boss Man’ logo. If you hit a prize value, the game ends and you are awarded the prize. However if you hit the Boss Man logo, you are taken to the next stage of the game.

Increased prize winnings

The second stage comprises of a screen with various items on it. The objective here is to pick the treasure in one choice, wherein you are shown all win values. Though both stages are similar in objectives, you are awarded higher awards here than in the first stage.

If there are three or more colt revolver symbols on more than one selected pay line, you are still allotted only one shot. The only difference here is that the bonus prize winnings is increased.

How to have more control on spins

To play Wild West slots, you have to first place a bet. This is done by clicking ‘bet lines’ to reach the number of lines you want to bet. The bet lines are selected by clicking on the bet line symbols found on the slot machine screen side.

The game is started by clicking on the spin button, wherein your bet amount is deducted from your account. By clicking on ‘max bet’ you can get the reels to start spinning automatically too.

You have more control on the spin in the Skill Spin mode than the Standard mode. This is because in the Skill Spin mode, you can call the shots for the spin, instead of the machine doing everything.

You can play as a guest player

The more coins you put in the slots, the more pay lines you can play. Once the reels stop spinning, the combinations of symbols are checked to see if you have a win.

If you strike a win, the winning bet lines get highlighted. The amount you win, and the number of coins you had won, are displayed at the right of the slot machine game buttons. These winnings are obviously paid depending on the symbols that are displayed on the pay line when the reels stop, and the coin size you bet.

If you are uneasy about playing with real money at the first go, you can always play Wild West slots as a guest player without any money. As a guest player, you get to play the game using the same state of the art software real money players use, but without any risks.