Who Done It Slots

There are three popular types of Who Done It slots that have a strong resemblance to the all time favorite Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson movies.

1. Cinerama slots

Cinerama is one of these Who Done It slots that is a 5-reel, 5-pay line progressive slot game by Playtech. The maximum bet you can place here is 25 cents to try your luck at winning not one, but two jackpots collectively worth more than 300,000 coins.

Symbols used here include a microphone, director, megaphone, camera, the star, film and script; all parts of the cinema world. The camera symbol is the wild symbol that can substitute any symbol to form a winning combination.

The first bonus game here is activated when you get a pair of headphones on the first reel. You are thus taken to the cinema where you choose the film you want to see, and are thus awarded a bonus amount.

The second bonus game is triggered when you get three director symbols on any active pay line. In this bonus round, you are the movie director who chooses the leading man for your movie. You are then taken to the awards to find out how your movie fares, and how much you win.

2. Sherlock Holmes slots

Sherlock Holmes slots is the second type of Who Done It slots that was released on 27th May, 2008. This is a progressive video slot game having 5 reels and 25 pay lines. While the jackpot here is 4,000 coins, the secondary jackpot comprises of 1250 coins.

There are beautiful animations when you win, like the opening and closing of the pocket watch. You also get to listen to a detective style music that plays throughout the game, and during wins with Sherlock Holmes saying, ‘Well done, Watson!”.

Symbols used here include obviously Sherlock Homes, lanterns, pipes, pocket watches, magnifying glass and hats. The watch is the wild symbol to use to substitute other symbols to reach a winning combination. The pocket watch is the scatter symbo, which can substitute all symbols, but Sherlock Holmes.

If you get 5 Sherlock Holmes symbols on reels, you stand a chance of winning 75 times your bet. The maximum bet you can place here is $125 and if you manage to get Sherlock five times, you strike the free bonus feature of 5 free tripled spins. Sherlock Holmes also offers a trigger feature that permits additional spins.

3. Doctor Love slots

Dr. Watson’s Who Done It slots is called the Doctor Love slots that has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Symbols used here include doctors, nurses, ambulances, crutches, pills, ambulances, stethoscopes, clocks, bouquets and charts.

While the maximum bet you can place here is $200, you can also win the bonus feature. While spinning, if you reveal five Love Meter symbols, you can win a maximum of 20 free tripled spins while your total bet is multiplied by 100. If you get three Love Meter symbols, you get 10 free spins while you get 15 free spins with 4 symbols. Doctor Love slots also has a trigger feature where you can amass additional coins.

It is up to you to decide which type of Who Done It slots you want to play. However no matter which slots you choose, remember that Professor Moriarity is always lurking around corners, working at means of spoiling your game.