Underwater Slots

Swim and Win a Jackpot!

There are different kinds of underwater slots game. It ranges from mermaid to fishes. This kind of game is suited for those underwater enthusiasts who love water, diving and seeing different kinds of fishes.

Let’s take a look the different underwater slots game that is available in your favorite casinos.

Under Water Diving Slot

This game has underwater theme and deep sea diving features.The backgrounds are the things you can see underwater like shells, coral reef and colorful fishes swimming around in the background.


The different features of this game are the following:

  1. This is a five reel and twenty (20) payline video slot machine.

  2. This game is not progressive; there is a fixed jackpot prize which is 10,000 coins.

  3. You can play in this slot machine with just the lowest amount of $0.01 to $1.00. Underwater diving slot game is perfect for those people who are looking for fun but will not have to spend too much.

  4. The maximum coins you can wager is twenty coins.

  5. Free practice mode is available in this game for starters.

  6. Symbols such as scatter, sea horse, conch shells, star fish, oxygen cylinder, diving suit and other sea creatures is the determiner of your fortune.

How to Play Underwater Slot

There are different combinations for winning and it’s as follows:

  • a. Jackpot symbol – the symbol for jackpot is the sea horse. Five sea horses on the payline mean that you will win the jackpot – 10,000 coins.

  • b. Wild symbols – unlike some of the slots machine game, underwater diving slots has 2 wildcards and these are the wild logo symbol and the wild multiplier symbol. These symbols can substitute the winning symbols needed to have a winning combination.

  • c. Multiplier symbol – the multiplier symbol is the wild multiplier symbol. If this symbol appears to complete a winning combination, your payout will be doubled.

  • d. Scatter symbol – the scattered logo is the symbol for this game. If two of these symbols appeared in the payline, you can win from two to twenty free spins. For two scatters, you will have a two free spins; for three scatters, you will win three free spins; for four scatters – a four free spins; and lastly five free spins for 20 scatters.

  • e. Bonus Symbols – no symbols is needed to trigger the bonus feature like the other slot machine games. You only need to reach 1000 points in the bonus meter and you will have the bonus feature.

Underwater Slots

This is a different kind of underwater slot game although it is also a 5 reel and 20 payline kind of slot game. But this game is more on guessing.

Mechanics of the Game

Bonus Game

Guess which underwater object contains a treasure, if you have already made the choice, just click it and a diver will reveal the treasure. Every correct answer will have a bonus.

There are three levels in this slot game. You have to successfully guess in order for you to go to the next level.

  • I. For the First level, you will win five coins.

  • II. For the Second level, you will get twenty coins.

  • III. And if you successfully pass this level, you’ll get 100 coins.

If you guess incorrectly at any stages of the bonus game, you will lose all the credits you’ve gained and it will return to the slots. If you don’t want to finish the bonus game, you can just click the Cash out button and it will return to the slot game.

Slot Game

  1. Press the button of the spin if you already placed your bet.

  2. If you choose maximum bet, it will automatically placed a maximum bet and spin the reel.

  3. A bet of .1c, .25c, .50 and 1 are allowed. You can enjoy exploring this slot game because it only requires small bets.

  4. The Pay Table will tell you how much you will get in each combination.

  5. There are also the sound button where you can adjust the degree of loudness of the background music, and the Help button for your questions.

  6. You will also be able to see your total winnings in every winning combination you hit.