Trick or Treat Slots

Full of Tricks and Treats for You!

Are you fond of trick or treat during Halloween? If yes, this is a treat for you. But this doesn’t mean that you only have to play in this slot machine during Halloween. You can play anytime you like and this is available in some of the well-known casinos. In playing the Trick of Treat slots, you will experience Halloween because of the added sound effects and the colorful pictures add to the appeal of this slots machine game.

From the title of this slot machine, you will now have an idea of what is the theme of this game, it’s all about Halloween. The usual things you see during Halloween, you’ll be able to see it also in this slot game.

How to Play Trick or Treats Slot

These are some of the things you have to know before playing the Trick or Treat slots.

Basic information on Trick or Treat Slots

  1. This is powered by Microgaming software.

  2. This is a three payline slot game and has three reels.

  3. This is not a progressive type of slot game.

  4. The jackpot for this game is 2400 coins.

  5. Maximum coins you have to wager is three and coin values ranges from $0.25 to $20. This is suited for people who want to try first this slot game and bet a smaller amount. In this way you will get a hang on the game first before betting a much larger amount.

  6. There is a free practice mode for starters which may be a lot of help if you don’t know how to play the trick or treat slots.

  7. You will get the jackpot if the three witch symbols appeared.

  8. The symbols that you can find in this game includes a witch, black cat, Jack-o-Lantern, bag of loots and bars.

Game Plan

You already know the basic information about the Trick or Treat slot game. And now let’s play! These are the things you need to do and the information on the combinations and the winnings and other features of the game.

  • Wager – you can wager as low as $.25 to 20. You can also wager from 1 coin up to three coins. Each symbols and combination has a corresponding pay out. This is how it works:

1 coins

  1. 3 witch symbols – eight hundred coins

  2. 3 hissing cats – eighty coins

  3. 3 clusters of three bars – forty coins, 3 clusters of two bars – twenty five coins, and for 3 single bars and 3 bags of loot – 10 coins.

  4. Any three bars – 5 coins

  5. Any 2 bags of loot – 5 coins, and any single bag appearance- 2 coins.

2 coins

  1. 3 witch symbols – sixteen hundred coins

  2. 3 hissing cats – will receive one hundred sixty coins

  3. 3 clusters of three bars – eighty coins

  4. 3 clusters of two bars – fifty coins

  5. 3 one bars or three bags of loot – twenty coins

  6. Any 3 bars – 10 coins

  7. Any 2 bags of loot – same with any 3 bars pay out

  8. 1 bag of loots – 4 coins

3 coins

Full reveal of 3 witch the player will win the two thousand four hundred jackpot

  • Wild symbol – the wild symbol in this game is the witch. This symbol can substitute other symbol to have a winning combination. An example of that is when 2 hissing cats appear and the third one is the witch symbol, the witch can substitute itself with the hissing cat to have the 3 hissing cat winning combination.

  • Multiplier – aside from being a wild symbol, the witch is also the multiplier. An example of that is when a witch appears as a wildcard, it doubles your winnings and if two witch symbols appear, it quadruples what you will get.

  • Bonus – the bonus symbol in this slot game is the Jack-o-Lantern. If the symbol appears on the middle payline, it will activate the bonus treat. If this happens, the player will get to pick three Jack-o-Lantern from the nine Jack-o-Lantern. Each Jack-o-Lantern has a corresponding amount or prize. You can either collect the prize what you have picked or you can exchange it for another chance, you will only have 3 chances.

Try the Trick or Treat slot game and experience the tricks and treats that awaits you!