Sand and Surf Slots

Themed Slots that Will Make You Enjoy Summer

Themed slots for summer add up to the attractions of online casinos. In this criterion, you get Sand and Surf Slots to choose from. As an overview to the summer-themed slots to enjoy, you may look into three options like the Blue Lagoon Slots, Jamaican a Fortune Slots and Paradise Dreams Slots.

Sand and Surf Slots are very easy to enjoy. You may have the traditional three-reel games and the more complicated yet more pleasurable 5-reel games in different paylines. Learn more about the above-mentioned examples for these themed slots that will make you enjoy summer more.

Sand and Surf Slots #1 – Blue Lagoon Slots

Blue Lagoon Slots is a classical three-reel game with one payline. It is available in different coin sizes ranging from $.10, $.25 and $.50 to $1.00, $5.00 and $10.00. There is a maximum of five coins for one turn thus your bet may be in between 50 cents and $50. The jackpot entitles you to as much as 2,500 coins while a secondary jackpot of 2,000 coins is also available.

The symbols that you will basically see on your reels are seahorse, starfish, shell and fish. The wild symbol among this four is the shell. While there is no wild symbol multiplier, you are entitled to auto play. This simple game does not offer any bonus feature though.

Sand and Surf Slots #2 – Jamaican a Fortune Slots

This is also a three-reel, one payline slot but it has a bonus feature. In fact there are four bonus games you will find out inside your reels. Here is what you must expect from Jamaican a Fortune Slots:

  1. Symbols. There are a lot of symbols found inside the reels of this Sand and Surf Slots. The Rasta Man, Jamaican Flag, Watermelon, Cash Bags, Cherries, Oranges, Limons (or limes and lemons) and Coco form part of the symbols. None of these symbols is wild or scattered though.

  2. Bets and winnings. There are different coin sizes for this game starting from as low as $.30 to as high as $10.00. The maximum bet is $10 only but may win you as much as 500 coins for your first jackpot and 50 coins for your second one.

  3. Bonus feature. If there is no scattered symbol for the game then you may wonder what activates the bonus feature. There are actually seven small numbers found on the reels that entitle you to the four bonus rounds. The bonus games include Cash Selecta, Spin-and-Win, Win Again and Nudge Mania. These bonuses are played using the "hold and nudge" styles. Hold means holding on while the other reels are re-spinned while the nudge style is synonymous to bumping on the next reel for you to see what the next symbol is.

Sand and Surf Slots #3 – Paradise Dreams Slots

A third Sand and Surf Slots is the Paradise Dreams Slots. This is entirely different from the first two games since this one follows the 5-reel, 20-payline pattern. Learn more about this game through the following facts:

  1. Symbols. The symbols for the Paradise Dreams Slots envision the real treats for summer like coconuts, tropical fish, girls, islands, flowers and green birdies. Adding to the package is the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. Girls are wild symbols and are 2x multipliers while the island is your scatter symbol.

  2. Bets and winnings. You have coin sizes that start from $.01 to $5.00 with a maximum bet of 20 coin pieces. This means that maximum bets are found in between 20 cents to $100. This entitles you to jackpot winnings of 5,000 coins with a second jackpot opportunity of 2,500 coins.

  3. Bonus Features. There are two ways to enjoy bonuses through this game. First, is by playing a bonus on the second screen. This is when three islands activate the Pick a Box feature. This reveals the amount of bonus you get. The second type is the bonus on the reels where you are entitled to 10 free spins after hitting three scatter symbols. If a butterfly appears during the spins, you get to double your winnings.

Three games with different features make up the list of Sand and Surf Slots that you will enjoy. These games are available through online venues such as VIP Slots, Online Vegas, Ladbrokes Casino, Slots Oasis Casino, Golden Casino and English Harbour. Find time to enjoy these summer-themed slots.