Lucky 7’s Slots

As the name suggests, Lucky 7’s slots is a 7 reel slot machine. With each coin you put in the machine, an additional pay line is enabled. With the 5 coins, the first 5 pay lines get enabled, while the sixth and seventh lines get disabled. As you can choose your individual bet for Lucky 7’s slots from a wide number range, you are provided more control on your playing style.

Lucky 7’s slots offer 30 different winning combinations and a maximum jackpot of $25,000 for you to try at. This makes this a slots game that has a huge payout potential. There are various types of Lucky 7’s slots machines for you to choose from for maximum winnings from your bets.

Lucky 777 slots machine

Lucky 777 slots machine has 7 reels, a jackpot of 2500 coins or $25,000 and 30 winning combinations. The coin range for Lucky 777 slots machine ranges from 1 cent to $10. Basically, the theme for Lucky 777 and all Lucky 7’s slots is the number 7.

This is why you find 7 everywhere in the game; in reels, pay lines and most of the time, its symbols are based on 7 with 7 casino chips, bingo balls or gold bars. Even the bets are made in 7’s with bets as low as 7 cents and a maximum bet of 7 $10 coins, or $70.

Lucky 777 slots machine is a great slots machine for beginners, despite the fact that having 7 pay lines and reels is a unique combination in slots machines. An interesting aspect of this game is that the number of symbols used here makes it easy to form a winning combination.

As you can win from 30 winning combinations, you are sure to get small wins with most of your spins. Lucky 777 has no bonus features like wild or scatter symbols; so keep a lookout out for Lucky 7’s slots logo. With seven of these logos in a line, you are automatically awarded the 2500 jackpot.

Lucky 7’s slots

The Lucky 7’s slots offers 3 reels and 5 pay lines, with a maximum jackpot of 1000 coins. You can make bets from as low as a cent to a maximum of $125 per spin. This wide range of bets gives you great flexibility in controlling your game play.

There is no need of thinking much when playing Lucky 7’s slots; just use your luck. Just click on its auto play feature wherein Lucky 7’s slots plays automatically, and you collect funds whenever it makes a win.

Lucky fruity 7’s slots

Besides these Lucky 7’s slots machines to try your luck at, there are an additional 3 different types of slots games to choose from for Lucky playing. The Lucky Fruity 7’s slots is a traditional slots game offering 3 reels and a pay line.

Its jackpot is worth 5,000 coins while its second jackpot is worth 1000 coins. The symbols used here obviously include fruits and are oranges, sevens, cherries, bars and bells. The maximum bet you can place here is $50.

Liberty 7’s slots

The liberty 7’s slots is a classic slot game with 3 reels and a pay line. Its jackpot is worth 10,000 while its second jackpot is worth 5,000 coins. Liberty 7’s slots uses well known symbols of Lucky 7’s slots like sevens and bars. The maximum you can bet here is $30.

The Seven and Stripes is a form of Lucky 7’s slots that is patriotic in its theme. It has 3 reels and a pay line while its symbols include bars, stripes and sevens. The jackpot you can win here is 10,000 coins and its second jackpot is 5,000 coins. The maximum bet you can place here is $15.

Taking a look at all these various versions and types of Lucky 7’s slots, you will be able to make a decision on the most beneficial and profit making form of Lucky 7’s slots to try your luck at.