Love Bugs Slots

Love is In the Air

You do not have to be a hopeless romantic to appreciate the love theme in various slot machine games. As long as you are an avid fan of these online gaming pleasures, any theme will suit you. If you want to try your luck in love, you may also want to try the Love Bugs Slots.

With the name of these slots, you may conclude that it is indeed a game filled with love themes. Well, you will actually see that on the symbols you will find through the slot machines' reels. But apart from elaborating more on the theme, you certainly would want to know more about how you will win via these slots. Find out all these and more through the succeeding paragraphs.

Features to love in Love Bugs Slots

Love Bugs Slots is a five reel game with nine paylines. These means that your game time is loaded with more winning combinations that will make you get hooked to the slots even more. Here are some of the most important facets of these themed slots.

  1. Symbols. As mentioned awhile back, the symbols on the reels of Love Bugs Slots depict the essence of attaching the love theme to it. On your slot machine screens, you will see typical love gifts for women like chocolates, perfumes, diamond rings, necklaces, bouquet of flowers and necklaces. Additionally, you also have the lady bug and the love bug as the wild symbol as well as the heart as the scatter symbol. Other symbols on the reels are the violin and champagne – both adding up to the romantic mood.

  2. Bets and winnings. You are entitled to 25 winning combinations as you play these slots. You will be able to do that by betting from coin sizes of $.10, $.25, $1, $2 and $5. With nine paylines, you are allowed to bet nine coins per turn allowing you a maximum bet between $.90 and $45.

How to increase your winnings in Love Bug Slots

Playing slots is not just about betting and spinning. Obviously, it is also about winning. If you want to increase your winnings in Love Bug Slots, you need the following techniques to help you with:

  1. Hit the wild symbols of the game. Although the wild symbols of the game are not wild multipliers, you still get to enjoy a jackpot prize of 5,000 coins with a second jackpot of 1,000 coins. Once you hit any of these two symbols during a round, you will be able to replace a symbol on the reels to form a possible winning combination.

  2. Go for the bonus game on the second screen. The first bonus feature of the game is activated once you hit the lady and love bugs in reel 1 and reel 5. To get a bonus amount that will be added to your pot, you need to pick from a box of prizes.

  3. You may also go for bonus game on the reels. The bonus feature on the reels gets activated the same way you activate the bonus game on the second screen. This will entitle you to additional 15 spins for your game.

If you want to experience winning through Love Bugs Slots, you have a choice in different online casinos offering the game. Some examples would be the 888 Casino, Casino Joy, VIP Casino, DTD Casino, Littlewoods Casino and Inter Casino. These online venues allow you to play for plain fun or for money.

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