La Fiesta Slots

Mexican Festivities in a Themed Slot

Theme slots are created to provide you a lot of pleasure when it comes to online gaming. From wild animals, gifts of love and celebrations, you also have country theme slots to add to your fascination for these games. Online casinos worked their way to provide you a Mexican theme through La Fiesta Slots.

Fiesta is actually a Mexican word for festivities. Since this is a Mexican theme slot, you are given a list of symbolisms inside the reels. You do not have to be a Mexican to enjoy the real thrills of the game. As long as you are fond of playing online games, you will appreciate this slot machine adventure the way it was created for you by the software known as Wagerlogic.

What is inside La Fiesta Slots?

This question actually leads you to the basic features of the game. La Fiesta Slots is a 5-reel game that has 9 paylines. With the combination of these two aspects, you are entitled to 32 winning combinations. You may actually check on that via the pay table before you start playing the game. Furthermore, La Fiesta slot machines are loaded with the following basics:

  1. Symbols. The symbols on your reels represent Mexican festivities. You have the typical Mexican instruments like the maracas, trumpet and guitar. You also have the piñata and senorita inside the slots. To complete the list of symbols, high cards like nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace are also available in the slots. The piñata is the wild symbol while the rose is the scatter.

  2. Bets and winnings. You have only five coin sizes to choose from for this slot machine game. These are $.10, $.25, $1.00, $2.00 and $5.00. With nine coins allowed for each turn, your maximum bet goes to as high as $45.

Increasing your winnings for La Fiesta Slots

There are actually two ways for you to increase your pot or roll your bank through La Fiesta Slots. Aside from concentrating on any of the 32 winning combinations, you may also consider the following possibilities in the game to add more money to your account:

  1. Go for the jackpot prize. The jackpot prize for this game is set at 10,000 coins. You are also entitled to a second jackpot equivalent to 2,000 coin pieces. These coins may be converted to its dollar value depending on the coin size and the credit given to each. Once you hit the piñata wild symbol, you are allowed to substitute a symbol to make a winning combination.

  2. A bonus game is also in store for you. The bonus game for these slots happens when you hit three roses. This activates the bonus round in a second screen. In the bonus round, the game becomes even more exciting. You are given the opportunity to hit at least four piñatas to give you the bonus amount. In this round, your winnings are multiplied by 250.

Variation to La Fiesta Slots

Aside from the 9-payline game, La Fiesta Slots are also available in 5-reel, 25-payline games. In this game, you play with the same symbols with the same wild and scatter characters. The difference is seen in the coin sizes with a cent as the starting piece. The coin size goes as high as $10. This then increases your maximum bet to $250. With this, you have higher chances of winning. In fact, you may win as much as $200,000 after the jackpot and $75,000 during the bonus round.

La Fiesta 5-reel, 9-payline slots are available via VIP Casino and Inter Casino. The 25-payline version is made possible by other online venues such as Millionaire Casino, English Harbor Casino and Super Slots Casino. Whatever variation you choose, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

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