Karaoke Cash Slots

Sing Your Hearts Out to Win this Game

Are you fond of dropping coins inside a karaoke machine just to be able to sing your favorite song? If you are, then you may also like the idea of playing Karaoke Cash Slots. The similarity between these two things is the fact that you pay a corresponding price to get the pleasure you want. The difference is the reality that you are not given the opportunity to sing through the slot machine game.

While the aforementioned sentence is true, you also get the feel of a karaoke bar through Karaoke Cash Slots. If you are a certified lover of music, you will appreciate this type of online game. This bonus video slot game has a lot of things to offer. You may want to take note of the following.

Features of Karaoke Cash Slots

Just like any other slot machine game, you need to familiarize yourself with the theme of this online slot. You should check on the pay table to see the number of winning combinations in store for you. This five-reel game has 20 paylines to offer. As you assess the reels, you will see the following:

  1. Symbols. Since this is a music-themed slot, expect that the characters on the reels are found along this theme. The list of symbols includes gold records, performers, recording contracts, music charts, judges, compact discs and sound systems. The gold record is the wild symbol while the recording contract is the scatter. The gold record may substitute all the symbols in the reels to form a winning combination except the scatter and the Karaoke Cash slot logo.

  2. Bets and winnings. There are eight coin sizes for this game. You may choose to bet a combination of $.01, $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1.00, $5.00 and $10.00 to complete the maximum bet of 20 coins. Maximum bet is set at $200 though.

Winning through Karaoke Cash Slots

The possible winning combinations represented in the pay table will certainly win you an amount depending on your bet. If you want to increase your winnings, you may have the following opportunities.

  1. Jackpot prizes. If you will eye for the jackpot prize, you will have up to 10,000 coin credits to roll inside your bank. If you will bet $10 for this game, then the money equivalent would be $100,000. But if you decide to go for the maximum bet, your jackpot may go as high as $2,000,000.

  2. Bonus feature. Of course, every player would want a bonus feature in a slot machine game. As you hit at least three of the Karaoke Cash logos, you will be able to activate the bonus round. During this game proper, you are presented with 26 singing competition contestants. This is not just an ordinary bonus game. You need to negotiate contracts with the producer if you want to win a bonus prize. Your bonus game will win you as much as $100,000.

If you want to experience the different kind of thrill promised by Karaoke Cash Slots, you may download the game via Go Casino, Caribbean Gold Casino, Super Slots Casino, Millionaire Casino, English Harbor Casino and VIP Slots Casino. Any of these online venues guarantees to give you a good time as you explore this slot machine game.

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