Island Hoppers Slots

An Online Island Adventure You Should Not Miss

If you do not have the luxury of time to spend summer or other holidays through an island escapade, you may stay at home and get a good experience through playing the Island Hoppers Slots. This slot machine game follows the Caribbean theme – a typical hangout place for lovers and the family during a vacation. With this being said, you will certainly be interested to learn more about Island Hoppers Slots.

Aside from taking the Caribbean island theme, there is yet another theme where Island Hoppers Slots are classified. This one is the airplane theme. Later, you will find out why this is so. Furthermore, you will be given some brief ideas on how you will be able to win the game and increase it through online casino enrollments. Here are things you should expect with these slots.

Playing Island Hoppers Slots

As you are a beginner to these theme slots, you will definitely check on the winning combinations available to you via the pay table. As an introduction, Island Hoppers Slots is a 3-reel 3-payline game that leads you to 9 winning possibilities. Here are other things to watch out for in your games:

  1. Symbols. There are only a few symbols on your Island Hoppers Slots reels. These are flight wins, airport, bars and sevens. There are no wild symbols or scatter symbols in this game but you are entitled to an autoplay.

  2. Bets and winnings. Three coins are allowed for each turn. You are given the option to choose among six coin sizes – $.10, $.25, $.50, $1.00, $5.00 and $10.00. This means that your maximum bet is set in between 30 cents to $30. Your jackpot prize is set at 2,000 coins with 1,500 coins as your second jackpot prize. Maximum conversion of your winnings amount to $60,000.

More thrills promised by Island Hopper Slots through other winning possibilities

You will certainly not be contented with winning the jackpot prize. In fact, you may always want to pursue a bonus game. Unluckily though, you are not given this chance in these slots. But, as long as you know the techniques to playing the game, you will surely have more chances of winning. Here are things you must focus on.

  1. Winning combinations. Always pay attention to your winning combinations. Utilize each symbol properly, from the air flight wins to the bars, the sevens and the airport. This low-key game is always entertaining especially for first timers. Make sure you bet at least two coins if you want to win the secondary jackpot.

  2. Enroll via online casinos. If you want to add thrill to the play for fun game, you may always do so if you enroll via online casinos. Different venues have various offerings for your deposits:

    1. Golden Casino. Your first deposit through this online venue entitles you to 100% signing bonus to as much as $555. You are also given the chance to play online slot tournaments plus you get the chance to be included in their VIP plan.

    2. English Harbour Casino. This is another good venue to consider when playing Island Hoppers Slots. Your first deposit will be given a corresponding 100% sign up bonus. Your first four deposits will also be matches to as high as $800 – also known as the cash back offer.

With all these opportunities attached to your enrollment in online casinos, who says that a simple game such as Island Hoppers Slots will not be enjoyable. As long as you know how to play the game, you will get what you want out of it. Try enrolling in any online casino and see what will be in store for you.

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